Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TE Sneak Peek Day 2: On the Road to the Beach

It's day 2 of sneak peeks for the June release from Taylored Expressions!! Today is all about the beach - with some really fun and quirky new products.

Be sure to check out all of the other designers starting on the Taylored Expressions blog because there is just too much for one designer to show off in just a few days.

All the products that I have used are linked at the bottom, but remember that new products aren't available until Thursday, June 9, 7 a.m. PST.

Taylored Expressions is celebrating Release Week with some fabulous giveaways! Visit the TE blog to answer Taylor's Question of the Day for a chance to win a prize from the latest release!


I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone with this one and I had a ball!

TE On the Road Surf Bus

I was looking for ideas for the On the Road - Surf Bus and I googled "1960s art". Wow - what an explosion of patterns and colors. I saw lots of circle patterns and I started down that path, then I stumbled on a number of pieces with rays in 1960s colors and guess what?  Taylored Expressions has the Ray of Sunshine cutting plate.

TE On the Road Surf Bus CloseUp

I love the detail on the surf bus. Look at the how perfectly it's done.

The back wheel well is straight - just like on the die. The front colored panel curves down - just like on the die.  The fender curves around to the sides - just like on the die!!

You definitely need to check out the other designers with this die - it's really fun.  You'll see it on a bright and colorful beach and you'll see it surrounded by flamingos. 

Here's the supply list for this one - but keep reading because there's a beach card to follow.


The enamel heart is from Illustrated Faith - She Blooms Mix which I got from Taylored Expressions but it has been out of stock.


I have a somewhat different view of a beach scene than most people do. I am very much NOT a hot weather person, so my beach vacations have been off-season or on more northerly beaches. I've been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina twice and it is incredible. However, instead of bright, colorful, sunny scenes - my image is subdued, quite, and a little misty.  That's where I went with this one - I kept it at kraft, blues and a hint of sun.

TE On the Line at the Beach

I love all of the little elements in the On the Line - Beach Cutting Plate die set. My card uses the swim suits, the seagulls and the line. I went looking for a sentiment and giggled a little when I came across "love birds".  A couple of actual birds and a couple of lovebirds, maybe hiding behind the palm trees, while swimsuits are drying!

TE On the Line at the Beach CloseUp

Remember to head over to the TE blog for a chance at prizes.  And check out the other TE designers - it's amazing the variety of cards and styles that you'll see with exactly the same products!



  1. I especially like your beach bus card--it looks fabulous with the way you did the sunrays in the background!

  2. The school year is drawing to a close (June 30th...just a little while longer), but I'm ready right NOW to head off on a surf bus to somewhere...anywhere! Your card: colourful, fabulous and fun! That bus is amazing! Your lovebirds: sweetness! The water-and-sun scene, the swim suits on the line, the palm trees...yep, I'm holiday ready!

  3. Beach blanket bingo baby!! What a FUN card Kim, spectacular!! And the little clothes line number is cute too!

  4. We'll be heading for the Outer Banks soon for a week on the beach. It's well worth the 9-hour drive from here to the house we rent on the ocean. We were totally shocked when our grandkids said they like it better than Disney World!

  5. These are fabulous! Love the VW bus!


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