Sunday, June 12, 2016

Merry Monday and Share Joy: Merry Chrismoose

I have had this idea and this stamp set out on my desk since early this week for the Merry Monday challenge to do a cute kid's Christmas card - and I still missed the deadline.  {Sad face} I was literally putting the photo on this post when the deadline passed.  ( I didn't have any words written or anything else - that's how close I was!)  You can tell I was in a wild hurry trying to get done in time because I didn't even get the top adhered straight!  Then the camera and internet gods were against me.  First dead camera battery. Then my internet is glacial today.  Does anybody else think the internet slows down in the heat?

Merry Monday Chrismoose

However, I am not late for the Share Joy challenge.  The challenge is to use the sketch, the tic-tac-toe or both, and clearly I used the sketch!  The rest of the challenge is to actually send the card and all I can do is promise that it will most definitely get sent this December!

Thanks to the good folks at Merry Monday Christmas Challenge who inspired me to make the card even though I didn't quite make it in time!


The patterned paper and the light blue is Echo Park Story of Christmas.


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