Friday, June 3, 2016

Taylored Expressions Ink Release!!

I am doing a happy dance today because Taylored Expressions has just released ink that matches their cardstock - and it is fabulous!!

I've said it before and I want to say it again before I start gushing - I have always picked design teams with products and people that I believe in and that I LOVE using. Taylored Expressions fits my style perfectly and I love designing for them. But I have to admit to some fear when we were told inks were coming. I don't know about you - but I've had bad experiences with some company's inks, maybe even most company's inks. Some inks get terrible coverage. Some inks just plain and simple don't match. So before I even got the Taylored Expressions ink, I was worried about what I was going to say on my blog if I didn't like them.

I have to send profuse apologies to Taylor and all the fine people at Taylored Expressions - because I didn't give them enough credit. Their goals were perfect matches and great coverage, and they succeeded. I don't say that lightly.

Before I go, there is a give-away!

Hop on over to the TE Blog for your chance to win 6 ink pads and
refills in your choice of colors! One lucky winner will be chosen from all
the comments on the blog this week (one comment per person, per day).
The winner will be announced on Monday, June 6th.

In this first release there are 12 colors. There are two basic colors, Black and Chocolate Truffle, which are hybrid inks so you can use them to color with Copics or to watercolor (heat set them first). The 10 other colors are dye inks. Dye inks across companies can work so differently.  These dye inks easily cover your stamp without having to tap and grind the stamp into the ink pad. They look a little blotchy when you first stamp the image - you might even have a moment of concern.  But within seconds the color smooths out beautifully.  Check it out.

TE Dreams Take Flight

I dare you to find an imperfection in that stamped image!!!   And look how perfectly it matches.  It does my "matchy-matchy" heart good!

TE Dreams Take Flight Close-Up

In my experience - it's often the pink inks that match terribly so I had to try another similar card with totally different colors.  LOVE it.

TE Little Lady

Besides the colors I've shown (all links below), the other new colors are a Peapod (a little bit deeper green), Salt Water Taffy (a very light blue that is fabulous for sponging backgrounds!), Strawberry Milkshake (a lighter pink) and Jelly Donut (a purple).

The inks are available in full-size pads (2.5 x 3.5) and in mini pads (1 x 1).  (The mini pads fit in the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Tin.)

Taylored Expressions has some great offers to get you started.

Taylored Expressions Premium Inks are now available and you can only 
find them at the TE webstore. Plus, check out the two "I Want It All" 
special offers to celebrate the arrival of our newest products.

Click here for a color chart courtesy of TE that gives you space for squares of cardstock, a swatch of ink and the Copic match!!

Also, it's already time for the June release!  Come back on Monday for day 1 of sneak peeks!


Dreams Take Flight


  1. Beautiful cards and a great review of the lovely TE inks! Beautiful ink colors... tempted (like I need more.....ha!)

  2. Two delightful cards and a fabulous review of what appear to be amazing inks! We won't even talk about how frustrating some of my ink experiences are, mainly because 'online' shopping is my only option. I'm off to check out the links you've shared (and crossing my fingers that maybe I can be a lucky winner *grin*)...

  3. Oh, so pretty! Love both these cards!

  4. Thanks for the ink info Kim!! You are a great spokesperson for TE!! Your cards are delightful and show the matching products perfectly!


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