Saturday, June 4, 2016

Placemat from Target and Wedding Gifts

I'm heading out to a wedding this morning - a young man that I have known since he was born - the youngest son of my best friend of the last 30 years. It's the first of any of my friends' children getting married so it's been a very long time since I've been to a wedding. I've had so much fun getting ready. Selfishly, what a fabulous excuse for a new outfit!!  I spent many, many shopping trips getting that just right (as if I'm the star of the show!!)  Then...the gift.  I worked off their wedding registry and put together a variety of kitchen/dining items. But that wasn't personal enough so I sat down to create a hand-crafted blank card gift set. I based the set off of the placemat set that they wanted, figuring they liked the color and styles.  Here's the placemat. (It's linked if you click on it.)

I used these placemats as an excuse to buy a set that I've wanted for year - MFT's Fall Florals. They have come out with a number of floral builders since that set - some might even have been a better match - but I was thrilled that I had the justification to get the set that I've wanted (including the fairly expensive coordinating dies!)

Of course, even though I had all of this purchased a month ago - I sat down to do the cards last night. And, of course, I wasn't feeling the mojo. There are things on each of these I'd change, but sometimes it's good that I don't have the time to obsess.  I wanted bold sentiments and it turns out that I have shockingly few in my collection. In the interest of time, I didn't want to mix and match from multiple sets so I settled on Stampin' Up's Watercolor Words.

Fall Floral Set

Fall Floral Set

Fall Floral Set

Fall Floral Set

Enough chatter! Now I have to get all of the gift bags packed (they both just graduated from college too - so lots and lots of gifts to deliver). Get my linen outfit pressed. Shower and all of the fussing and primping that I usually skip.  It's a beautiful day!!


Jen W. said...

Kim, these are gorgeous and what a fabulous idea to base the cards on their registry item! And don't you love an excuse to buy a card set you've been craving? ;) Have a lovely day at the wedding!

Betty Keefe said...

wonderful design for your card set - and hope your had a wonderful time today!

Jen Timko said...

I love how you coordinated these! What a treasure you are!! I'm sure they love the cards.

Patrice said...

Ooooh how super exciting. I love preparing for a special outfit, primping and preening. I'm sure you had your hair done too.

Absolutely gorgeous little set of gift cards. So thoughtful of you to coordinate with other gifts. Love!

Have a fabulous time at the wedding. x

Linda Callahan said...

You are so thoughtful! Beautiful set of cards! Hope the wedding was wonderful!

Nora N. said...

Your cards are beautiful!! I love the large sentiments you used. I think they are perfect. So sweet to personalize the gift like this!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had all of your ducks in a row for this event Kim!! LOVE your sweet set of notecards, they will too!!

cm said...

I can't remember the last wedding I went to (likely my own, 4 years ago *grin*), so I'm feeling the excitement of your preparations, right down to the primping and preening! I have a couple cousins yet to get married, so perhaps an invite down the road. Your gifts sound wonderful, but its your set of cards, inspired by their lovely placemats, that capture my heart! Personalized, thoughtful, beautiful and practical! They'll love your presence and your presents on this special day, embarking on their 'together' path of life...