Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Joy & Wonder of Christmas

I wanted to make a special card for wonderful friends of our family. We got together this weekend for a Christmas concert and a wonderful dinner.  And the best thing - even though we have male children of the same general ages and interests - we "adulted"!  What a wonderful evening!!

TE Joy & Wonder

The wreath die is my favorite product this holiday season.  I used it with some bright Christmas colors on this card.  When I cut the white metallic leaves for that card, I saved the rest of the die cut for a future card and this is it!  Although you don't see it in the picture, the glimmer in the white metallic is a bit golden, so I pulled out warm colors and prints.


The patterned paper is from Simple Stories - Cozy Christmas.  I linked up the dies to Pinecones.  I originally had it out for a sentiment, but ended up changing to the sentiment from Ornamental; however, since it was out I used the bow die to add a little sparkle.


  1. Wonderful color and pattern combination!

  2. Beautiful card for your family friends; I know they love it, as do I! So pretty! "Adulted"...awesome!!


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