Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012: Year in Review

I was NOT going to do a year in review for 2012 as so many others have done.  I definitely have LOVED reading all of yours, but frankly, it just seemed like too much work.

But then one of my fave challenges, Catered Crop, asked us to do it for their challenge.

I quickly realized that it was just as hard as I expected.  I started paging through all of my 2012 posts, approximately 350.  I'm not sure I would recommend doing that - it's amazing how many cards that I really don't love or are just so-so.  So I decided to approach this by category.

BTW - you'll have to go to the very bottom of this post to see my personal fave for 2012.

I checked blogger stats.  Amazingly, my most viewed posts during 2012 were actually 2011 posts??!!  (I did a lot of tutorials in 2011 and they get a lot of traffic from Pinterest)  But my most viewed post in 2012 was Peace on Earth in Plum.

Peace on Earth in Plum

But this was not my personal favorite.  While I admire it, it is NOT my usual style.

I do not post all of my cards on SCS but of the ones that I post, the most viewed was He Is Risen.

Stampin' Up

This is much more my style.

Then I decided to look at the work that I did for various design teams.

My first design team was Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps.  They have such a variety of stamps, from cute to sweet to elegant - and most of them have a Christian aspect.  My favorite from the year is A Very Special Birthday.

Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps

My other company design team is The Alley Way Stamps.  I love the whimsical style - you can layer it up or it works as a simple CAS design.  This is Hello...miss you.

Hello, Love You

That was my favorite card from The Alley Stamps, but it doesn't totally represent the FUN and funky look of the company.  Here's another that I love - Ribbit, Ribbit.

Ribbit Ribbitt

I was privileged to be part of the first design team for Dynamic Duos.  The challenge is simply two colors so it lends itself very well to CAS cards, but my favorite card isn't CAS.  I love the cheerful look of Get Well Wishes.

Dynamic Duos #5

CAS(E) This Sketch!
I am currently serving on the design team for the new challenge CAS(E) This Sketch!  They give us wonderfully creative, yet still CAS sketches.  My favorite card is Happy Harlequin.

Happy Harlequin

This list is by no means complete.  I LOVE stamps.  I LOVE many, many companies.  But these are companies that I go back to time and time again - OR companies that are new and very interesting!

I have been using Papertrey Ink since the day they started - I ordered their very first set.  I have to admit that I think I liked them better when they were smaller - when I could still keep track of what was new and I still could afford an entire release!!  I love the "interconnections" in their stamps - a new set may have images that fit perfectly well with a old set.  And I love that all of their colors have buttons and ribbons.  This is Be Still.

Be Still
I have to mention Stampin' Up, after all, they are the reason so many of us started!!  The very first card that I showed you - my most viewed post - is all Stampin' Up.  And my most viewed Splitcoast post that I showed you is a stamp from Stampin' Up.   

I love everything they do!!  Here is I'm Here for You!

WPlus9 stamps and dies
This is a very new company - their first release was in June!  I fell in love with their fun fonts used here on Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful.

Amazing and Fantastic

If I had to narrow down styles/types/colors I love, these would be my favorites.

ALL WHITE:  I did a number of all white cards this year. Welcome Little One is one of my faves.

Welcome Little One

SIMPLE TOUCHES THAT ADD INTEREST: I love things that are slightly out of the ordinary.  The problem is so many of these involve complicated techniques and I am NOT a complicated card maker.  I love when I find a new product or new way of adding a ribbon or a simple technique that is new and unusual.  (FYI - notice that I didn't say that I CREATE these things - my card-making skill is one step short of originality).  I loved this bargello technique on A Bargello Leaf.

So Thankful

RICH, FALL COLORS: You can have your pastels and your brights - I LOVE fall colors!  My favorite example is Leaf Silhouettes and Blessings.
Sweet 'n Sassy Blessings

CAS CHALLENGES: At the beginning of the year, there were just a few challenges focused on CAS cards - now there are dozens and I LOVE them all (there's a tab at the top of my page that shows you all of my faves!)  One of the earliest and most popular was Less is More.  I had the thrill of being a guest designer for them with Never Give Up.
Never Give Up

I started out thinking that I would go through my entries in my favorite challenges, but I do SO many challenges.  Since I am doing this post because of Catered Crop, I picked my favorite.  It was for a challenge called "Arsenic and Old Lace"!!  This is No One Like You.

There is No One

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE favorite card from 2012...Warmest Winter Wishes...

Warmest Winter Wishes
It has white space.  It has glitter.  It has pretty buttons and fun embellishments.  It has layers.  And it has one big flag. ALL of my favorites.
I hope you enjoyed this review!!  I had more fun than I expected walking through my cards - and it was a good chance to really focus on my preferences - I like experimenting, but I clearly have a style with which I am most comfortable!!  Here's to more crafting fun in 2013!!


  1. They're all favs are your fav and the frog. Lee-Ann :)

  2. Beautiful collection Kim ~ your fav is mine too!

  3. What a wonderful collection Kim, I love them all. Your favorite is stunning :)

  4. Kim I felt the same way when I began looking through my cards for the year. So many I thought well . . . that's so-so. I can't imagine you saying the same thing about your cards. I love all of your cards! It's been fun looking through them.

  5. What a great post Kim. I have quite a few favourites out of these - the frog, the Bargello, the LIM one and your fave too. Thanks for sharing. Xx

  6. Beautiful post Kim, I recognized so many of your cards. Thank you for sharing a bit about why you chose the cards.

  7. So many of your cards are among my favorites, Kim! The last one on your list is still my very, very favorite!

  8. Wow! Kim, what a beautiful line up of cards. So glad you did go through and share your creations. Can't pick a favorite as they are all gorgeous.

  9. Your collection of favs is wonderful! The first is my favorite, and it's definitely my style, but I also like the arsenic & lace with the weathered wood and lace together! Great job on them all - TFS!

  10. I enjoyed reading your favorites. My fave for the year of the ones you chose is "Be Still.". I remember seeing it when you posted it and loved it!

  11. That was a really fun trip down memory lane, Kims! Your work is always so well done and inspiring ~ I don't know how you could narrow it down. I've faved or pinned all of these and have to agree that your bestest card is mine too! It is one that will stand the test of time and be just as sensational 100 years from now as it is today!

    Here's to seeing lots more from you in 2013, when college allows you to get-away to your craft space!

  12. What a lovely journey you've taken us on. Your cards are always inspiring. Thanks for an enjoyable read. x

  13. Wow Kim, they all look super, what great talent you have !I love the last one too as a most fav or maybe the 'He is Risen' one....soo hard to choose though. I must do a fav's post sometime...when I get a few hours to spare lol. :) Viv xx

  14. Oh Kim! I am so glad you took the time to do this! There are some hear I have already saved ... And now I have some more to add! What a wonderfully, talented card maker you are! Hugs xxx

  15. Beautiful cards and a fabulous way to do your year in review! You just amazing me, Kim! :)

  16. Amazing review of your work... I absolutely love Be Still and No One Like You, and the Bargello leaf is really cool! It's so lovely to see people's top picks - you get a real sense of them as a crafter! So glad I joined in...
    Alison x


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