Saturday, January 5, 2013

LIM: Black and White plus One

Less Is More is having one of my favorite challenge types:

with a touch or a splash, a hint or suggestion, a dab or a  patch of 
colour of your choice!

Over my first cup of coffee this morning, I was reading your blogs and someone said (sorry, don't remember who), that they were two weeks behind in using supplies out of their box of new supplies.  Two weeks??!!  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  My box of new supplies-that-won't-be-put-away-until-they-are-used keeps getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER.  I've never, ever been within two weeks of using them all.

So, before I even saw the LIM challenge, I knew I was reaching into that box for this morning's card.  On the very top were heart bling, a set of Sizzix embossing folders and a new set of stamps from Verve.  Here they are...

Thinking of You

This came together in FIVE minutes!!!

Now...continuing on my thread from yesterday...I am losing huge blocks of my time because on Monday I am a full-time college student again!!  I WILL continue making cards - but one of the things that I realized was that I simply wasn't going to have time to make and re-make until I felt they were deserving of being posted.  My new focus will be to post the card that I create - but also tell you what I would like to have re-done.  I think this could be a good learning time for all of us - a here is what works and what doesn't work feature.  For example, I don't dislike this card, but in my old life, I would have re-done it.

The sentiment does not stand out enough.  I thought the fun font would give it enough interest, but it still gets lost.

This could be solved in two ways:
1. If I wanted to keep that sentiment, I could add it on a label die.
2. I could try a bigger and/or bolder sentiment.

Knowing myself well - I would imagine this feature will be a regular part of my blog posts as I can always finding something that I would do differently!
  • Stamps: Verve Treasured Words
  • Paper: black and white
  • Ink: black
  • Accessories: May Arts Gingham ribbon, Marthat Stewart butterfly punch, misc heart gem, Sizzix Vine and Garden Textured Impressions


  1. Beautiful card! And, I REALLY LIKE your"...if I could do it over..." section. I think that's great! As you said, time will be short, and I bet this reflection/retrospect will better serve your/our growth as stamper/cardmakers rather than the tedious re-do to make it "perfect" Congrats and good luck with school!

  2. love love love it!!

    gorgeous kim and i love the sentiment!!

    Thanks for Joining us this week
    Jen xx
    "Less Is More"

  3. It's fabulous Kim and I wouldn't redo it at all!what are you like !!I won't have as much time to make cards soon as I start my babysitting duties 2 days a week. I may have to copy your idea of just posting a card and saying what I would have done lol...liking that. Happy New Year too :) Viv xx

  4. What a stunning card! Great idea to use your stash, I'm not admitting how many weeks (months?) it would take me to work though mine!
    I don't agree with you about your sentiment, I think it's perfect as it is :).
    Happy New Year

  5. Very chic and elegant

    Happy New Year


  6. Oh, Kim, this is beautiful! You have the nicest embossing folders, I must say! And you use them all so well...this is such a pretty composition!

  7. This looks wowser!
    What wonderful crisp embossing and the whole thing looks ace!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  8. Congrats on returning to college! I wish you all the best in your career!
    I like the way your card turned out, and it's very pretty, but I'd also like to see your "do it over" version to compare! I love the gingham ribbon and tiny red heart-shaped bling!

  9. Kim, this is so beautiful. I love that look you get by using just black and white with the little heart bling, so classy and very elegant.

  10. Beautiful, Kim. I love how you use embossing on your cards. I also love that gingham ribbon. Best of luck as you start school Monday! ann

  11. I respectfully disagree--your choice of sentiment stamp fits the swirls of the embossing perfectly, so I wouldn't change it at all! Sometimes our first instinct is the best. This is a beautiful card!

  12. Love your card Kim, so simple yet effective!

  13. I'm so with you on wanting to retry until I get a card absolutely right! I'm working on "embracing imperfection," though. Love the new "what I'd do differently" feature (and your cards in general). Good luck in college!

  14. Love that embossing folder! I'm with the others, I wouldn't change anything - I like the sentiment that size. If it was bigger it might fight with the embossed elements and unbalance the card. Enjoy your first day back at school ;)

  15. Hi Kim
    Fabulous card .... Love the embossing folder ......
    Hugs Sylvie xxxx

  16. Beautiful card! I think the sentiment looks just great as it is!

  17. I think the sentiment is just fine - it balances the embossing rather than taking over the card. It's a wonderful CAS card.

  18. Lovely card, and I love the "if I could do it again this is what I'd do differently" section - a great idea which I can see really catching on!

  19. Well I think it's fab Kim
    Margaret x

  20. What a wonderful card, love that embossing folder

  21. Just a wonderful card! I love the ribbon and the tiny red heart.

    Rosi x

  22. Beautiful. I love the embossed background.

  23. Love love love this! Sometimes a card just grabs you! This is one of those! Hugs xxx

  24. This is so beautiful and elegant x

  25. Just stunning and I agree with so many others, I wouldn't change a thing ... I think the sentiment is beautifully balanced with the other elements! Anita :)

  26. This is so elegant I love it!
    as for the new unused stash.....hmmm!! I don't think I will even go down that road,my hubby might be
    Love the "If I did it again" idea.
    Hugs Mau xx
    Happy College days, have fun xx


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