Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do you think that I'm cheating??

Sets 283 to 288 (list below)

Do you see all the sets that I will be using in this post?  Sets 283 to 288 for my 2010 goal of making sure that all of my SU sets see ink.  That's six sets on one project!

I should be happier than I am, but I feel like I have cheated.

First, you should know - I DO NOT CHEAT...EVER. 

I take that back.  I cheated once in high school.  I never got caught, but I still feel awful about it.  I've used it as a cautionary tale to my children - all the great things in my youth, but one of my strongest memories is the bad feeling of cheating.

I don't think that I have technically cheated on my goal of using all of my sets.  The goal was simply to make sure every set saw ink - not every stamp in every set - just every set.
You should know that I'm starting to panic a little about finishing my goal.  I have a couple of days this week, then I am away for a week, then I have the week after Christmas and I still have a lot of sets left.  So when I sat down to do this gift set for my youngest son's teacher, I found sentiments from my remaining sets.  I feel quite guilty, because in all cases, the sentiments were the minor part of the set.  I ignored the gorgeous images that were really what the set was all about - I simply pulled a sentiment. 

Cheating or not, I am going to count these sets as "seeing ink"!

(And then I am going to get over myself!)

  • Stamps: Stampin' Up Fifth Ave Florals, Funky Flowers ("thank you"), Blooming with Happiness ("may your day bloom with happiness"), Inspirationals ("May the good Lord..."), Sweet of You ("special thoughts"), Matchbox Messages ("Celebrate"), Thoughts and Prayers ("Sharing in Your Sorrow"), PaperTrey Ink Turning a New Leaf (the olive and blue cards)
  • Inks: Stampin' Up Regal Rose, Peach Parfait, So Saffron, PaperTrey Ink Plum Pudding, Versamark (on the olive and blue cards)
  • Papers: Black, White, Stampin' Up Regal Rose, Peach Parfait So Saffron, Old Olive, Buckaroo Blue (really, really old!), PaperTrey Ink Plum Pudding
  • Accessories: ribbon from Michaels, Scalloped border die and file template from PaperTrey Ink, miscellaneous gems and pearls
  • Challenges: the layout is from Just Add Ink.


  1. These are fabulous! I love your goal of having all your stamp sets see ink. I might try that one for next year! Thanks for playing. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I adore this set ... the colors, stamps, and that perfect ribbon ... absolutely stunning.

  3. Beautiful! (...and I don't think it's cheating!)

  4. Wow, Kim, these cards are really beautiful! Stop being so hard on yourself. You've made a stunning collection of cards. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  5. I admire you greatly. Reading how you still feel guilty about cheating in high school tells me so much about the caliber of person you are. For what it is worth, you didn't cheat in my opinion. Your original stated goal was to have "every set see ink" and "not all stamps in the set just every set". Sentiment or image shouldn't matter then. If the STAMP was in the SET and you used it, then it counts. You are absolved! Your card set is awesome and the teacher should be thrilled! Best, Curt

  6. I too think this set is fabulous! ...and dear Kim, you are not cheating. Cheating would be to sell stamp sets on Ebay right before the end of the year so you don't have to make card with them, lol. Oh my! Did I say that? hehehehehe!

  7. I agree - you haven't cheated at all! And what a fantastic idea! Good on you! Love these cards and little box!

  8. Oh Kim! You are hilarious! I had a good giggle ... when I read the "and then I am going to get over myself" comment! And ... with such a close deadline ... I think it is perfectly reasonable to use the phrases ... and count the sets! Thanks for sharing your "cheating" story ... cos it made me feel like I know you just a little bit more! Hugs xxaxx

  9. Mmmmm ... great goal. I have the same one in my head but must start doing something about it. I love your set of cards and the sketch is such a great 'starter'. Love the Sympathy card the best!

  10. These cards are really great!! Well done. :) Best wishes in completing your goal. If only I had enough sets to make using them all such a "lofty" goal.... LOL

  11. What a lovely set, I love that ribbon!!! ... and I agree with the above NOT CHEATING. I would call it being very effecient!!!

  12. These are gorgeous, and love the box that you have for them to go in. The colours are fantastic too.

  13. I love that you have made a different card for just about every occasion, but used the same sketch for each one - brilliant! What a great way to highlight how versatile a sketch can be - thanks for playing along at JAI!!!

  14. What a great set and no you haven't cheated. A great goal for 2010 - have you set one for 2011? Thanks for playing at JAI.


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