Monday, December 13, 2010

CAS CASE of Biggan

I love the phrase "CAS CASE".  I actually took me quite awhile to figure out the acronyms!  CAS - Clean And Simple; CASE - Copy And Share with Everyone!  Now if somebody would explain TFS along with the dozens of other letters that typically follow that!  (FYI: TFS is Thanks For Sharing - it's all the other letters that I don't get!)

Today's Clean and Simple challenge at SplitCoast was to CASE a specific card by Biggan.  I have always admired her cards, so HAD to play along:

Birgit's gallery is just gorgeous.  One thing that I noticed right away is a lot of textured paper - even to stamp on.  That small touch makes each of her cards so interesting, so I had to try textured paper.

I also played along with the Pal's Paper Arts challenge which was "white" along with this inspiration piece:

  • Stamps: none!
  • Inks: none!
  • Paper: Bazzill white textured, misc gold
  • Accessories: Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, EK Success leaf punch, Mark Richards gold nailheads
The Cuttlebug is actually an early product called Cut and Emboss.  The dove is difficult to find, but I did track it down at Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking.


Oh my gosh!  I got a blog award!!  Andrea at EnchantINK sent me this:

As part of the award, now I have to tell you eight things about myself.  My blog is only a month old so I haven't had to do this before, but I will tell you that I am nervous about it!  As I have read other people's blogs, their lists are always so funny and so creative.  I do NOT have funny and creative writing skills.  My life isn't particularly funny (it's wonderful, but fairly normal and basic) and I have such a small amount of creativity that I have to save it for my cards!!  But here goes nothing...
  • My other creative outlet is music.  I play piano for church services.  I also dabble at organ, clarinet, recorder, penny whistle, hammered dulcimer and kantele.
  • My living room is no longer for "living", it has become a music room.  The center is fully taken up with a piano and organ.  The outer edges are full of my instruments, plus my children's trumpet and saxophone plus a variety of other odd things such as an accordian.
  • My children and I have fully converted my non-musical husband.  When my 6'2" 14-year old announced that he would rather be in marching band than play on the basketball team, my husband (a former hard-core athlete) said that he had come to realize musical groups were teams too!
  • I am a recipe-follower.  I don't vary recipes by a smidge. If I don't have a certain spice, I don't make the recipe.  This definitely makes me wonder how I can be a cardmaker as I am clearly lacking a creative, adventurous spirit.
  • My entire life is on my iPod Touch (not to mention a fair number of games).  My husband chastises my children for being on their iPods too much.  If only he knew about me!!  Having said that, a lot of my apps are essential(?) organizational apps and cookbooks (to find those recipes for which I have exactly the right ingredients!)  I even have a database app on which I have databases for such things as every Stampin' Up paper that I own sorted by color and every ribbon that I own that coordinates with the paper. 
  • I follow 142 blogs.  I probably should narrow that down but everybody has their own style or focuses on different companies.  (More on this later!)
  • I am a mathematician by training - an actuary!  I spent over 15 years in the actuarial profession before I realized that I really wanted to be a full time mom - and I have no regrets!
  • I am fairly anal and obsessive!  Not a big surprise if you read the first 7 comments!
So...that's me!

Now I am supposed to pass this along, but here's my problem.  I do follow 142 blogs and should have plenty to choose from.  But I have followed these blogs on Google Reader which makes it an extra step to leave comments and, more importantly, to establish relationships.  I haven't left a lot of comments. Now that I have started my own blog, I realize how wonderful it feels to get comments and to get to know those that are leaving the comments.  So I am fully resolved to change my ways and to take time to share my joy at seeing everybody's cards.  For now, I am not going to pass along this award - the recipients would scratch their heads and wonder "who gave this to me"?  But if I ever get another award - watch out - I will have plenty of blog friends to share it with!


  1. So elegant and beautiful - I love classic and simple!

  2. So very pretty and definitely CAS! Thanks so much for playing along with us at PPA!

  3. I just love your beautiful card. I'm going to case it and put it in a little frame to put out each year.

    PS I follow recipes to the letter as well. I'm a horrible cook, and if I don't follow them, Lord only knows what it might taste like. **haha**

  4. Amazing card! I can't believe you made it without using a stamp and it's still totally gorgeous! WOW!

  5. Giggle! So ... you probably should add to your list ... I am funny & creative ... and I need to remind myself every day!
    I loved reading your list, Kim ... and it was such a great insight into who you are! I can relate to several of your "8 things" ... and it made me realise that we are kindred spirits! (As Anne of Green Gables would say!) I am so glad I found your blog! I wish I had some talent ... my kids & hubby all share some sort of sport and/or musical talent. I don't fit into either catagory ... although I would so love to be good at both! (Must add that to my list next time!) Your card is divine. And ... here are a couple of acronyms to add to your dictionary.
    YW - you're welcome ... IRL - In Real Life ... OTP - Off the Page (3-D gifts or projects) ...
    I will try and think of some more!
    So glad you enjoyed your first blog award!
    Hugs xxaxx

  6. Stunning! A beautiful clean and classy card! Thanks for playing at Pals Paper Arts.

  7. Wow.. love your card. Super cute and simple/elegant. Thanks for sharing. TFS :) TGC - Take good care :).

  8. Wow, I just got a bazzilion ideas just from looking at your page - embossing endlessly - luvin' it!!! Thanks so much!

  9. You have beautiful work and you are so very clever in your card making!!! TFS

  10. Kim, I am new to paper crafting….and I've discovered why it's so popular. It's therapeutic and de-stresses in addition to bringing smiles to recipients. Your cards are simply stunning. Your use of graphics, color and "composition" is creative…and you play with those elements so well. Your elements are beautifully balanced on your card. Hopefully one more post will inspire you to keep creating…as it doesn't pay enough. By the time I've finished with the design, paper/craft purchases, coloring, cutting and glueing…you can't pay me enough. Yet, I continue to create. You are very inspiring, you crafty artist!


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