Friday, October 2, 2020

Poppystamps: A Whittle Boo

I am on the Poppystamps blog today with a Whittle Halloween card.  Full details are there; here's a peek.

Poppystamps Whittle Halloween

I have used the cute Whittle animals (and sentiments) from Poppystamps so many times now I think my love of the Whittles is clear.  I don't typically do many Halloween cards. My sons just roll their eyes and my nieces have never really focused on the holiday and most definitely don't like the scary aspects of it. But when the Whittle Monsters came out, I thought I could use them on a cute and cheerful card that would work for one of my nieces.

The odd things about this card is the background, but it's only odd if you know that it is part of the Poppystamps Christmas release - not Halloween.  It's the Lamplight Pathway die. I do envision a Christmas card with some trees in the background, some deer in the light and some soft snow - but it actually works quite well for Halloween.  The sun is setting, the street lights have just come on, and a cute little parade of monsters is coming down the street to say "boo"!

SUPPLY LIST - all Poppystamps unless noted

Dies: Whittle Monsters, Boo Outline, Lamplight Pathway

Foil Cardstock on Lampost: Memory Box Polished Foil Pad


  1. Ok. Stop. Your cards always, always, always blow my mind. This one...shining street light?! So cool. Sidewalk. Hills. Non-scary monsters. You've got it all on this card, and it is now my all time most favorite ever in the history of the world Halloween card. You're brilliant! Sincerely brilliant. I love this card! Stay safe. xo Bev

  2. Wow! This is just so adorable! Too cute too spook!


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