Monday, October 19, 2020

Color Throwdown: Together in Spirit

 I don't do many Halloween cards.  I just don't have people who appreciate them.  Therefore, I haven't bought Halloween products in years.  But I made an exception this year.  I got the Trinity Stamps Slimline Boos stamp set.  Can you guess why?

10.19 Together in Spirit

The set comes with a mask!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  Then when I saw the way that end ghost was looking at the smiling ghost - he needed the mask.  One of my sons will definitely appreciate this!

10.19 Together Close

The stamp is a full slimline.  I could not find my big Misti to stamp with.  I have everything in my craft room - and it's fairly well-organized.  Where would a Misti in a pink box disappear to?  So I really had no way to to get a good stamped image.  To hide the worst of my problem areas, I put the image behind this trio of squares. I ended up liking the way they are peeking out even though there are dozens of funny little ghosts you can't see.

I had not planned on working on this card this weekend, but the colors at Color Throwdown were just right.  It really hadn't occurred to me to use kraft but how perfect for my sons!

On a sad side note - I've talked about the fires in Colorado.  They don't get much coverage because they are dwarfed by the fires on the west coast but they are still burning.  A month or so ago, one of the fires became the largest in Colorado history - that fire is now out.  But another fire that is just above Fort Collins (where my son is at Colorado State University) has now beaten that record.  It's dwarfed the earlier fire by almost 50% again and it's not out.  Plus there are high winds and no moisture in the forecast.

Here's the town of Estes Park.

And in the foreground of this shot is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. (Those are the lights from the hotel, not fire.) It's a beautiful hotel, but have you seen The Shining - this is where it was filmed and is still considered haunted! It couldn't look any more haunted than it looks right now.

Fort Collins is very close to the fire. The maps of the burn areas and the evacuation zones are horrifyingly close.  But there's a very big reservoir and no trees between the fire and the town so other than being engulfed in smoke for the last two months and perhaps the next few, it should be OK.  But there are other towns that aren't so protected - so sending up prayers.

Even crazier, new fires started today.  Towns are being evacuated.  We haven't had any storms - so they aren't caused by lightning.  There is supposedly no old, unsafe electrical equipment in the area (as with some of the California fires).  So these must be human-caused. Don't even get me started on the idiot in my own neighborhood shooting off fireworks last night.

2020 needs to be over.

Stamps: Trinity Stamps Slimline Boos
Dies: Trinity Stamps Slimline Series: Modern Embossed Panels die, Little B Halloween (bat) - very old
Paper: Stampin' Up Pumpkin Pie and an old patterned paper
Other: Little Things by Lucy Tangerine Mix


  1. This is fun Kim, love the additions of the mask! I've been thinking of you and your family with the fires out there. Sending prayers for all of those affected by this.

  2. Awesome Halloween card! I love the ghost with a mask!!! HA! Stay safe and well! What a crazy insane year 2020 has been! I hope it gets better soon!!! Hugs!


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