Sunday, September 13, 2015

Share Joy with Sequin Confetti

I am playing along with the second ever Share Joy Challenge brought to us by Taylored Expressions. There's always a sketch and then a second part of the challenge.  Last week there were colors.  This week is an inspiration photo.  You can use one part or both.  (Also to be very clear, although this challenge was started with Taylored Expressions, the use of TE product is optional.)

I was immediately drawn to the confetti on the blue cake.  I started out working with the sketch (because sketch challenges are my favorite) - but I kept seeing a larger expanse of blue with confetti. I love the new release sequins from TE called Hello Happiness because of the variety of sizes and shapes so I sprinkled a variety on the blue cardstock - added a row of presents - and I love it! (Although I loved it a lot more after I got done adhering each of these individual sequins.)

Birthday Confetti

I love the part of this challenge that asks us to share joy!  One of the "instructions" is to "Send or give your card to a friend, loved one, or someone who could use some joy!"  This card is being given this very morning to a dear friend as her birthday is actually today!

As a side note, I am meeting up with my friend at our church which is having a big day.  We had both been very active members of our church for 15 years, when about five years ago, the church started to fall apart.  Long story that I've told before so won't go into again - but in five years, this church lost half its membership. Many left in pain that endures to this day and many others left simply because the church became a cold and unwelcoming place.  Then the pastor left and the church has been functioning with an interim pastor for a few years. Over the last year, a search began, a call issued, and a new pastor arrived this summer.  This pastor and his entire family are dynamic, loving, energetic, exciting people.  When he came in for interviews, he had a morning free, and I think he did more outreach in our town than the entire church had done for the last 20 years.  If I learned nothing else over the last five years, it's that humans are . . . well . . . human - and my trust is in the Lord.  So I'm trying not to give this pastor hero-status.  But I do believe a church reflects its leadership - so I am very, very excited.  This morning is a celebration.  The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra is playing the service and then playing at the party afterwards.  There will be food trucks.  There are games for the kids.  The "price of admission" is a donation to the local food bank.  Clearly a party doesn't solve the problems, but for me, it's going to be a day to give a deep sigh of relief, let go of a little more of the burden, smile, and think about the future!! (And probably shed a few happy tears with my friend, the birthday girl!)  

Funny enough - the church is named Joy Lutheran Church - so the Share Joy challenge seemed very appropriate. 

Praise God!!



  1. Kim I just love all of the sprinkles! Makes you want to celebrate.

  2. Kim your card is fantastic! I know your friend will love it!

  3. This is adorable!! I LOVE all the fun sprinkles!!

  4. Love the new sprinkles and the packages. It makes a really happy card.

  5. This is just delightful Kim and so festive! I hope things work out well for your church and that the hurt feelings will mend so those parishioners can return. Joyful Creations, Joy Lutheran Church, Share the Joy challenge... I see a pattern here!!

  6. W@hat a delightful interpretation of the challenge. Well done

  7. Beautiful take on the challenge.

  8. Such a fun card, and doing a big happy dance for you re: your new pastor and direction for your church!! Been through and lived what you have. Not. Fun. Blessings for many wonderful things going forward :) :)

  9. Sweet, sweet card Kim. I love stopping by your blog and seeing your cards. This is absolutely joyful!! Love the confetti! I understand about your church. Hard to go through. No one ever thought our church would survive because it's so small, but yesterday we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Like you, I'm leaving it all up to God! He must have decided that it's a good place...we're still here! Blessings to your church and your new pastor. Bev

  10. Love your story, Kim. So sad how often this happens, but wonderful that your church sounds to be headed up again! I know your friend must have been thrilled to open this totally festive & beautiful card! I can't believe that some of the sequins are the old style which I haven't seen in at least 10 years--still have my little bag of them. Maybe I'll have to get this mixture.

  11. I just love the colours you have thrown together on this card. Inspiring! I have followed your church story over the years and I can hear the excitement in your voice! I will also be praying that your new pastor will be a real blessing to your church and you will be re-energised and renewed too! We have been happily settled in our new church for nearly 4 years ago and feeling we have benefitted by the move. Keep smiling. Hugs xxx

  12. Bless you! I so much missed your blogposts and your gorgeous cards.
    Today's blogpost brought tears to my eyes, and I'm truly grateful and happy for you that a new pastor has come to give leadership to the members of your church.
    So, enjoy today and praise the Lord!
    Although we don't always understand the 'how' or 'why', it helps to remind ourselves that The Lord has a plan for each and every one of us and His plans never fail, neither does His love and grace!
    Bye and a big hug,



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