Saturday, September 12, 2015


A friend recently brought me a variety of products from Party America.  I have to admit that it had never occurred to me to browse the aisles at Party America for cardmaking products - but I'm loving what she brought.  Guess how I rewarded her?  I got her deeply into cardmaking - she has orders coming from at least two different companies and we are currently "coordinating" our holiday order through Stampin' Up.  Not to mention the Big Shot and Stamp-a-ma-Jig and all those other fun things that she just had to buy!  Aren't I a nice friend - dragging her into this addiction!?

She brought a number of different types of confetti.  This one is gorgeous and so perfect for a softly-colored "cheers" card!


I just dabbed the white ink onto the background stamp to get a subtle pattern.

I think this was about the most difficult card that I've ever tried to photograph.  The confetti is iridescent and changes dramatically. The above picture wasn't half bad, but in real life, the confetti was a little more yellow.  This close-up captures it a little bit better.

Cheers Close

Now that you've seen how pretty the confetti actually is, let me show you the early pictures.  I take my pictures using a light box and OttLites.  This is 100% due to the fact that I am an early morning crafter and for 10 months of the year, the sun isn't even up when I am out of crafting time.  So I can't use natural light.  The above two cards do use natural light - because here's what the OttLite did to the iridescent confetti.  Luckily this only happens under the OttLite.  (It's not that it's horrible - it just doesn't work with my soft colors.)

I laid the card flat thinking I'd just get a different angle on it - but then it turned this odd yellow which reminds me of something unmentionable!

So I actually had a card see the light of day!!  (And I'm assuming any recipient won't be opening it under an OttLite!)



  1. Oh KIM!! This is STUNNING!! I love that fun confetti in the champagne glasses!! It is hard to photograph things like that in non-natural light. I have that problem too. Wonderful card!!!

  2. This is fabulous, Kim!!! And yes indeed, you are a super duper sweet friend to get your friend hooked on cardmaking!!! Way to go!

  3. Fabulous card! Love the champaigne flutes. Photography can be a challenge and it was interesting to see the differnt colours that appeared depending on the angle and light source ;)

  4. What a wonderful friend you are. My best friend did the same for me and I left her for dead in this addiction of mine. I now show her all the wonders of this brilliant world. Your card is wonderful, love the bubbles whether soft or bright pink or even that unmentionable colour.

  5. You are a good friend!! I did that to my SIL. Took her to a stamp convention and she was HOOKED, spent more then me haha!! Very pretty card Kim, so elegant. Funny what light does to color huh!!

  6. Such a pretty card Kim. Love the circle sequins... the colors do look better with natural light. But either way... amazing card!

  7. I love the soft colours of the natural light picks. Not sure what sort of confetti you used ... haven't seen the different sizes before. "unmentionable"??? Giggle! Hugs xxx


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