Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Time to Say Goodbye to Google Reader

This is my second post today. It's just a short scroll down for OWH.

If you are still reading blogs in Google Reader, you are going to want to sat goodbye to it in the next few days and get your blog reading list moved over to a new reader.  Google Reader shuts down Sunday.

Remember, where you read is your choice - it doesn't matter what your favorite blogs use - you can read from the place that you prefer!  You can read in:

1. Blogger Dashboard - but I have some bad news for you*
2. Feedly
3. bloglovin'
4. And many, many more - Feedly and bloglovin are just the most mentioned in the card community.

Feedly and bloglovin' have handy-dandy tools to move your reading lists over to them - just one click and it's done!  I have chosen Feedly because (1) the entire post shows so I don't have to click in and out of Feedly to read and (2) they have an iPad app.  (If you want more info, find the label on my sidebar for  Feedly/blogloving/Google Reader for lots more details including a Feedly tutorial.)

FYI: Feedly has recently integrated with Pinterest. Yay! They have not yet added a "search all your blogs" function as Google Reader had but it is on their top 10 list!

*I don't know what is going to happen with Blogger Dashboard.  It's been very easy to get your favorite blogs there by clicking on their Follow button.  Guess what? New blogs can't add the Follow button...the gadget is no longer available in blogger.  The Follow button still works on existing blogs...I just tried it to be sure.  But Google, in their infinite wisdom, hasn't made an official announcement yet.

If you do read in Dashboard, I'm sure you know that you can add blogs manually...just copy their address over to your dashboard and add it.  For that matter, you can manually add to bloglovin and Feedly too because not every blog has added their follow buttons.  Truth be told, I've never used a button.  I find a new blog, copy the address and add it to my reader!!

If you just don't know what to do yet - be sure to at least use the "Takeout" option with Google Reader.  I have not used it so have absolutely no advice - but it's meant to make a copy of your reading lists, your categories, your saved items etc so you can eventually import it to another reader.


  1. thanks Kim i forgot this was happening soon!!!

  2. Thanks for the update Kim, I moved to Bloglovin' but wish I had migrated to Feedly. I may still.

  3. Hi Kim
    Thanks for all that info.... So licky for me .... You helped me so much ... I cant thank you enough....
    Hugs Sylvie xxx

  4. Thank you, Kim, I am not computer literate at all, so any help you give is appreciated!

  5. Hi Kim - thanks for the timely reminder :)
    I moved to Bloglovin, but don't like that each post is unique - meaning you can't move from a persons individual post to their whole blog. I can read posts in Feedly, but I can't work out how to create a "homepage" in Feedly, or how to ask people if they want to follow me in Feedly.
    I might use some of your post in my blog if you don't mind - with a link of course!!!


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