Monday, January 31, 2011

A Rock and Roll CAS

Today's SplitCoast CAS Challenge was the phrase "rock and roll".  I have a set from H&M Stamps (no longer in business) that I got when my youngest son and his best friend were in their "rock-on" stage.  They would go down to our barn (no animals in it - just a giant playhouse!) and do insane things like swing on a rope off of our hayloft to make their grand entrance for their rock "concerts".  I love this particular stamp because it is exactly how my son and friends ended every concert!

Now I need to rant a little on an entirely different subject.  I love winter - I really do.  But here is the scene outside my house right this minute -

That pickup truck slid right into the back of the school bus.  It is a total sheet of ice.  When I took my oldest son in to school at 7:30 this morning, I was coming UP the hill to my house and I started to fishtail and ended up briefly sideways.  It is UGLY out there. is in session today.

A few weeks ago, they cancelled school for the day.  Check out this picture of THAT day.  A picture-perfect sunny Colorado day!  And, it is important to note that I took that picture in the morning as I was watching the school cancellation notice scroll across the TV screen - NOT later in the day when the sun came out.

(FYI - that's the barn that is the site of the epic rock concerts!)

It will be interesting to see if I am still ranting tomorrow.  One of our news stations is projecting a HIGH tomorrow of -4F (after a nighttime low of -18F).  That would set an all-time record low for a record high??!?  So, all that ice out there isn't going to melt - it's just going to get bitterly cold.

OK, I'm done.  I'm happily at my computer with the fireplace going and a new pot of coffee brewing.  Life really isn't so bad.

And, here's the info that you really care about...
  • Stamps: H&M Stamps
  • Ink: Stampin' Up Summer Sun, Lovely Lilac, black
  • Paper: Stampin' Up YoYo Yellow, Eggplant Envy (retired), Black
  • Accessories: Brayer, Stampin' Up punch


  1. Brrr brrr and more brrr!!!! I'm sitting here bundled up in a rugby shirt and sweatshirt and still feeling cold (it's 60 degrees, damp and cloudy). Can you imagine what I'd be like where you are??? Completely useless I think!

    Love the spotlight on the rock star on your card!

  2. I've never understood how they decide when to cancel school! Just glad it's not my decision to make! Last year they cancelled for FOG here and it was a beautiful clear day by 10 a.m! This year, we're noticing they're not cancelling for much short of a blizzard! LOL!
    What a great card! Makes me smile thinking of your son and friends' "rock concert!" :)

  3. Wow! I can't get over all the extreme weather conditions at the moment. I do hope you survived your record low maximum! It was great to see your pics ... and put a visual to the story! Loved the story of the "rock band" in the barn! Hugs xxaxx


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