Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crafting with Tweens

SIXTY 6th, 7th and 8th graders making cards.  I don't know whether to be thrilled at how involved they were or to sit back this morning and nurse my headache from the noise levels!!

Once a month in our confirmation program, we have a service and/or social project.  Last night we had two service projects going on - cookie making (to go to local police and firemen) and Valentines for soldiers.  Since I don't even do well with those rolls of refrigerator cookies - I definitely was not in charge of cookie making!!

I tried to put together a very simple card that still included a touch that might be fun for the kids.  In this case, the "fun" was simply a punch and a 3-D flower. (Given that twice the number of hearts that were needed were punched and put together, I think they had fun!!)  Here's the card:

The card uses all Stampin' Up products - a stamping wheel, a stamp from Service and Sacrifice, the heart punch, Crumb Cake, Cherry Cobbler and Vanilla.

I had four stations set up with instructions (as if tweens read instructions??!!!)  1) the wheel stamp, 2) the 3D heart, 3) writing a note for the inside and 4) putting it all together.  Here's a couple of the stations.

The kids dove right in!

Even though it was utter chaos - here's the final product!!

They made 100 cards that I will now get over to Colorado Supporting Our Troops to tuck into the next box of goodies (and essentials) that they are shipping overseas.

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  1. What a wonderful thing for you to be involved with, the card design is simple but effective.


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