Friday, March 5, 2021

Experimenting with Stencil Adhesives

03.05.21 Stencil

I've been talking about my giant basket of supplies all of which I needed to make decisions about.  They are things other cardmakers had recommended and I immediately purchased - but do I really need them (or multiple choices of a product) since I still haven't used them.

Today, I played with repositionable stencil adhesives.  The classic is Pixie Spray but someone had recommended Krylon Easy-Tack which does have the advantage of being in the local craft stores.  

03.05.21 Stencil Spray

I used them both to add color to the four flowers.  Honestly...six of one - half dozen of the other.  The Krylon is perhaps slightly stickier - just a bit harder to peel up. I was initially worried it would peel up paper or other ink - but the stickiness didn't cause any problems. That's not to say that the less-sticky Pixie Spray was a problem.  In fact, I did three of those flowers - each requiring repositioning the stencil 13 times to get the various leaves and flowers- and the Pixie Spray stayed sticky the whole time. 

So no choice between the two but what I did learn - repositionable adhesive is totally worth it.  I can't believe I waited this long to use it. I haven't been using stencils often so I just stuck them down with a piece of repositionable tape along an edge or two but that meant the center part wouldn't be firmly down.  I think I would have been using stencils a LOT more if I had gone with the spray adhesive to start with.  Every single edge is so nicely adhered, it makes brushing on color just a dream.

I LOVE the clean results using the stencil fully adhered.

03.05.21 Stencil side

I trimmed the card down about 5/8".  It's a really tall flower so I angled it slightly and then wanted it over the edge yet sill a standard size. I initially didn't get this flower because of its unique size and shape - then I saw one of my favorite ever cardmakers do some creative things with it - check out Laurie Willison's fabulous samples!

BTW - I was also experimenting with some Altenew mini-cubes that I recently purchased.  A few weeks ago, I did a card with their Rainbow Prism set  (out of that same basket of untried products!) which I liked but lamented that I hadn't picked the right starter set and what I really needed were the some of the packs with colors in the same family to allow for easy layering. Now I have some of those and that's what I'm playing with today.  Here are two of my color combinations (details in the supply list).  I have a "celebrate" die coming from Altenew and when I get it I'll doing something with the brighter flower.

03.05.21 Stencil 2


Stamps: Altenew Our Friendship Blooms stamp, die and stencil combo

Die: Altenew Fancy Hello

Ink: Altenew Canyon Clay (brushed then the detail stamped), Chamomile (brushed) with Snapdragon stamped detail and a little brushed on the bud, Eastern Sky (brushed then the detail stamped), Grass Field (brushed) with Shadow Creek detail stamped, Iceberg lightly brushed in the background

Other: Altenew washi, Yellow Stickles on the flower centers

FYI - The darker flowers the Altenew Rainbow Prism set long with what I hoped would be coordinating darker colors from other sets.  I used Ruby Red with Burnt Red accents, Warm Sunshine with Snapdragon accents, Orange Cream with Marigold accents, Parrot with Grass Field Accents


  1. Thanks for the info on the sprays. It's always good to have crafter input! Love those pretty bouquets you created!

  2. Thank you for the notes about stencil adhesives; so helpful. I have the Pixie Spray, but haven't used it, yet, cuz, new product, what if I ruin something (so dumb). I stenciled a card, y-day, taping edges, but you're right about the middle. Onward!

  3. Gorgeous! And I 100% vouch for repositionable adhesive for stencils with fiddly bits. We can't get Pixie Spray here but I have had some repositionable spray from the hardware store for years and just use that. And I also 100% love Altenew inks!

  4. Beautiful flowers, Kim and I am partial to a Clean and Simple card design, too. I have Pixie spray but don't use it much. Too lazy to walk downstairs to spray outside. I use my Wendy Vecchi Make Art Stay-tion for stencils and that seems to work ok.

  5. So beautiful, Kim! Thanks for the information on the repositionable adhesive. I have never purchased any. Your comment sold me!

  6. Your use of the new florals and stencils and inks is so wonderful. I love the Altenew cubes thatI've bought. Your color choices are perfect for these gorgeous blooms. If you're late trying things, then I am right behind you, lol!