Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Snowy Card on a Snowy Weekend

Earlier this the week, our weather forecasters said there was a chance of five FEET of snow this weekend - an historic blizzard!  By mid-week, it was down to two to three feet but still a record-setter. So we all cleaned out the grocery stores (and liquor stores) and settled in with the books on our Kindles and with our binge-watching planned (assuming the power was on). I haven't seen The Queen's Gambit so that was my plan. Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel is even here - when he shows up the world might as well be ending. 

Yesterday morning it was "delayed" until evening but it was still coming.  Snow results this morning - I only have about 4 inches on my deck.  It is supposed to snow all day but only dropping another measly 4 - 6 inches.  Definitely not an epic storm - but an epic forecasting failure!  (In fairness, other areas got a bit more and the roads are truly bad.  It would have been a big snow if it weren't for the massive expectations.)  EDITED: It just kept coming and coming - and we ended up with two feet which apparently was a record-setter!!!

Yesterday, when it was still coming - I was in the mood for snowy Christmas cards.

03.14.21 Snowy Joy

This paper was wildly popular at Christmas.  I finally found it back in stock in February. I'm not a big user of patterned papers but I love this pad by Whimsy Stamps.  It's full of snowy backgrounds from cute and bright to papers like this with the soft look of misty lights. 

I took my cue from the glow in the background and added the big "joy" in copper. Then matched up some cardstock for the snowflakes. Such an easy card with the paper and the fabulous dies doing all of the work!!


Dies: Penny Black Mirthful (no idea why it is named "Mirthful" given it's just a "Joy" die but I've double-checked that I have it right!!), Simon Says Marie Snowflake, Abby Snowflake, Maryanne Snowflake and A2 Thin Frames

Paper: Whimsy Stamps Blurry Flurries, Stampin' Up cardstock in Misty Moonlight and Seaside Spray, glittery white from Michaels (there's not a name on it but it's the one that says it works in printers), Tonic Studios Copper Mine Mirror

Other: Little Things Bronze Mix Jewels


  1. Oh gosh, we've had forecast like that too LOL! Glad you didn't get the feet of snow they were calling for. The snow on your pretty card is the kind I'll take any day!

  2. We're supposed to get a "wintery mix" here today. Living in the northern climes, and it still being officially winter, I don't get too excited. More worried about the sleet and freezing rain expected...downed power lines are just no fun. Stay safe up there!
    Your card is beautiful! I love how you've picked up that copper from the paper and cut your letters to match! Your smattering of snowflakes, especially the ones hugging 'joy' are lovely! Awesome card, Kim! Stay safe. xo Bev

  3. I love this paper too, and just bought two packs of it. You've created a gorgeous card - the copper letters work so well with the pattern.


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