Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Taylored Expressions: A Birthday Bear

It's my husband's birthday this weekend.  He is by far the hardest person I have to make cards for.  There can't be a hint of bling or pattern or bright colors.  I'm even a bit worried about the splatter on this card - but here's what I came up with.

Taylored Expressions

The bear comes from a Taylored Expressions die set that was released for the holidays but is absolutely perfect for a big brown bear.  I used my amazing Taylored Expressions Blender Brushes and a bit of post-it tape to mask a line to brush on the ground, then moved it to brush on the sky. There are so many wonderful techniques for these brushes - but I adore them most when I need to create a hint of sky!!  I gave the bear a few trees and a few splatters - and it's just right.

Taylored Expressions

We live in a southeast suburb of Denver, Colorado, which if you didn't know - isn't in the mountains.  It's pretty darn flat where I am - but I do have a fabulous view of the mountains.  I also have wildlife that wanders down.  We moved about a year ago and this happened about a month after we moved - not our yard, but just a few blocks away! Thus the reason that the bear is perfect on my husband's card - or maybe it's because he can be a big grumpy bear!!!

The new???



  1. It does make a perfect brown bear! Sounds like this is perfect for your husband!

  2. We have black bears that wander through our yard occasionally here in NW NJ. They are truly interesting animals, and your card captures it beautifully.


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