Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Taylored Expressions: Glitter Floral Hair Clips

Taylored Expressions has just released glittered felt!!  They also recently released the Roll With It Flower 1 and 2 Mixed Media dies that are slightly thicker to cut through media like glittered felt.  What amazing possibilities there are!

When the flower dies were released I created this framed piece and one of my blog friends commented that she wanted to use the flowers for headbands for her grandchildren. (Thanks Bev!)  I think the glitter felt makes this an even better idea - so here they are!!

Taylored Expressions Glitter Felt

Lots and lots to talk about.

1. Two pieces of felt come in each package - one lighter and one darker - so the pink flower and center are in one package, the purple flower and center are in another and the two different greens for the leaves are in another.  The silver and gold comes with one piece that is heavily glittered (like the glitter on the flowers) and one that is more smooth (like the one I used on the swirl - more on that later.)

2. I rolled these a little more loosely than in the framed piece linked above so they were a bit flatter. I then cut a circle the same size as the base, covered it with craft glue and adhered the flower.

3. The mixed media die flowers cut the glittered felt like butter even with a manual machine.  IMPORTANT: Taylored Expression is very clear that with a manual machine, regular dies do NOT cut this well. However, electronic cutting machines like the Vagabond or Gemini cut with any of them.  But let's talk about this.  I have a manual machine - a classic Big Shot.  I used three different regular dies on my hair clips.  Just as expected they did not cut all the way through BUT they left enough of an impression when I ran them through that I could trim them with scissors and still get the shape that I wanted!!  Having said that, the Curly Swirlies are very detailed so I didn't try them on the heavily glittered pieces - I used the smoother pieces that come with the Caramel Drizzle and Rock Candy and it worked quite well with some trimming.

Here's how my flowers work with hair clips.

Taylored Expressions Glitter Felt

Rather than clips like I did, I might suggest that you add these to a headband.  My clips did work, but only after quite a bit of experimentation.  I finally ended up doing a few small stitches to hold them in place - and I kept the stitches slightly loose.  When these clips close, that center piece pushes through and it needs room to do that or they won't clip.  By keeping the stitches slightly loose, my center piece will close.

There are a rainbow of colors in this felt!  And the design team put together an array of stunning projects to show it off!  Check it all out on the Taylored Expressions blog.


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  1. Oh these are fun Kim! What a terrific idea for the glittery blooms!


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