Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Taylored Expressions Zinnias and Sympathy

After all of these years of watching me create cards, I think my husband still thinks it is instant.  He has a tendency to tell me as I am heading to bed that he needs a card the next day.  I'm never quite sure when he thinks I'll do it given weekday mornings are spent getting ready for work!  In fairness, I do tend to obsess over each card and sometimes I really should just let go and let it happen!

So when he mentioned that a family friend from his youth had passed and he needed a sympathy card, I had to rely on products that came together quickly.  His family is from Virginia so I figured flowers on the card would be the right answer.  I pulled out the Taylored Exprssions Big Blooms - Zinnia then realized I didn't have time to color it all. So I added a sweet frame and just colored a small portion.

TE Zinnia and Comfort

I backed the frame with black to give it a bit of dimension.  Then I added a few sequins as teardrops.  I'm happy with it.  I guess with all of the time in the world, I would have colored the entire flower - but I'm glad I didn't have that time.  I think the detail in the image can stand alone in black and white!

TE Zinnia Close-Up

At this point, I'm kind of laughing at myself.  I like this card.  Maybe I need to stop obsessing and "let go and let it happen" more often!  But I probably won't.  In truth, I like the process of creating cards even more than the final product, so I'm sure I'll continue to obsess and I'll enjoy every minute of it.



  1. Gorgeous sympathy card, Kim (although I'm sad you had to make one...they're sooooo challenging). The spotlight colouring is eye-catching and I agree: no more colour required.
    Hope you're settling in to your new house. We've been in our new house/new town for a year now and I'm loving both! Landscaping on the agenda; the lawn/fence and gardens are in place, as are a variety of trees. Plants are next! Fingers crossed we'll see 'bursts of colour' happening as the summer unfolds...

  2. This is such a beautiful design Kim, I love how you have done this. Will have to pin for future reference. So elegant and perfect as a sympathy card.


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