Sunday, May 29, 2016

Even the Worst of Storms

Earlier this week, I found myself having to do a card in 20 minutes (see here).  That's SO far out of my comfort zone. It takes longer than that to decide on a stamp.  Yesterday was worse - I had 10 minutes.  Ugh.

My oldest son took a year off before college. Not really a year "off" since the ultimate plan was that he realized life was really, really hard - particularly living in the typical teenage job market. He paid many of his own expenses. We didn't require rent - but we did require savings, and he also had chores around the house. For instance, the kitchen was required to be clean by the morning or he wouldn't be allowed meals in our house that day!  He's had a job he has liked - but yesterday he was let go. It was a new grocery store in town that had hired lots and lots of people for their grand opening then they expected employee attrition as it slowed down.  But employees didn't leave. My son was one of the last in - so he was the first out.  And at the end of May - when all the other teenagers in town have snapped up the summer jobs.  Poor guy. I guess our plan to show him that life was really, really hard has worked out almost too well.

Anyway, between the time he called and when he got home - I had 10 minutes.  He knows cards are important to me so I really wanted to greet him with a thoughtful card.  This set was on my desk. 

Worst of Storms

I knew that I wanted to cluster a bunch of raindrops at the top and taper them off, so I pulled out a variety of rainy/stormy, masculine colors and started stamping, with some second generation stamping to add interest.  I am wishing that I had done a different sentiment - and in a different way - the strip covers too much of the fun raindrops. When I got all done, it seemed way too dark and somber so I broke my rule with my boys ('no bling') and plopped on some raindrops.

Love the concept of it - not my best work - but my son knows I love him!



  1. So sorry to hear about your boy's job nightmare. :( You are such an awesome mom though and I'm sure that your card (even with bling!) meant a lot to him. Fingers crossed that he's able to find something else for the summer.

    As for the card I love the sentiment and the way the raindrops taper off from the top.

  2. My heart goes out to your son! So sorry that the job market is so tough. Prayers that he will find a job that will last the whole year for him. By the way, I love this card and the sentiment!

  3. So sorry about your son losing his job. What bad timing! He knows you love him and having a soft place to land is so important. I hope he finds another job soon that he likes. I love your card with the variety of designs on the raindrops and the sentiment is perfect.

  4. What a beautiful way to encourage your son! The card is just right, especially the sentiment. I'm sure the Lord has something better ahead, and I look forward to hearing what He provides soon--just like He did for you.

  5. Great sentiment and card, sure to uplift him in the midst of the job situation. You guys are wonderful parents and I know he will grow and learn from this experience as you walk through it with him.

  6. Kim I am so sorry to hear about your son, the economy (here in Canada to) is not great and it is so tough for kids to get jobs. Often they are up against adults who have been let go from big companies that have downsized. Your card is thoughtful and full of meaning! Love it. Best of luck to him finding something new!

  7. What a fantastic card! Love the thoughtful placement of the rain drop DSP ... the sentiment is perfect ... and the bling an absolute must! It is times like this that we just need to trust. God knows ... and He will provide. Sometimes things don't go the way we expect but God has it all worked out. I do hope your son will find an even more perfect job soon! Hugs xx

  8. Wonderful card! And ten minutes? Wow! Not an easy transition to make it on your own - having family support is invaluable!

  9. My heart goes out to your son in losing his job, but given his experience and, especially, the 'resilience' he's gained over this 'hard' year - will see him finding something new. Your card: what a wonderful way to express your love and encouragement. I echo Tracey's comment about the economic downturn that's affecting Canada, especially in our "oil dependent" province of Alberta, where I live. So many companies have downsized/shut down...and that, topped off with the fire that caused immense damage in Fort MacMurray, sees a number of people struggling. Of course, when the oil folks aren't spending, the results trickle down, affecting other companies, both large and small. I'm hoping oil prices will improve; better yet, I'm hoping we'll find a better, more sustainable source of energy, aside from fossil fuels, that will bring jobs...and security...Your son is fortunate to have your and your husband as his parents; he's going to be a-okay!


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