Friday, May 27, 2016

Finally! with Purfect Cats

Yesterday I was getting ready for work and suddenly panicked when I realized that I had not made a congrats card for my youngest son surviving 10th grade.  It was a tough year.  He sees me make cards for everyone else and I was horrified at myself that I wasn't prepared to give him a card immediately after his last final.  I had 20 free minutes before I walked out the door - what to do?

I had purchased the set Purfect Cats from The Greeting Farm because we have two large cats (one is big, one is fat) and my son adores them both - my big, tough teenage lacrosse player even admits it! The set is perfect with their cute and tubby cats!

I had planned to color them but with 20 minutes, I decided to go with a cartoonish card - black and white with a pop of red!


The original plan was to stamp two cats directly on the card - and a speech bubble.  But I fumbled the stamp on the second cat, so I stamped them on scrap, used the dies and plopped them on top of my fumble. Then they looked they were floating, so I pulled out the rug from the Nursery die set at Taylored Expressions (links below) - this rug has saved me more than once by grounding my images.

The sentiment was obvious.  It's also from Taylored Expressions - Grad Grumplings - but had the perfect amount of sarcasm for that cat.

Twenty minutes - made, photographed, inside written, envelope - DONE!!  (I'm quite ridiculously proud of myself!)



  1. AWESOME Kim! I don't think I could have pulled that off at all, and the result is super cute! :)

  2. This is brilliant, Kim! Those chubby cats are so darn cute and I love the cartoon look you went for. Also those rugs rock - I'd buy that whole set just for that!

  3. Congrats to you, too, for coming up with such a great card in such a short time!

  4. 20 minutes!!! Yes! You should be quite ridiculously proud of yourself. :) And ... such a fun fab and perfect result! I'm sure he loved it! Hugs xx

  5. A marvelous feat to create this card - that I know your son LOVED - in 20 minutes! Your chubby kitties are adorable and the cartoon-look totally rocks. As for your 'real cats: awwwww! Two bundles of fur to love...


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