Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Taylored Expressions Sneak Peek Day 2: Go Beep and Smell the Pines

It's day 2 of sneak peeks for the May release from Taylored Expressions!! Today we are going to "go beep" and then head out in our trailer to "smell the pines"!

Be sure to check out all of the other designers starting on the Taylored Expressions blog because there is just too much for one designer to show off in just a few days.

All the products that I have used are linked at the bottom, but remember that new products aren't available until Thursday, May 5, 7 a.m. PST.

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Go Beep

I am absolutely in love with the new sentiment set Go Beep. It's full of fun fonts and sentiments that range from birthday, to love, to just simply moving through life. I picked the sentiment for this card because I adore the look of it - the actual words are great too - but I absolutely love the various fonts and the way they flow together.

TE Go Beep!

There is a great die set with this release called On the Road-Beetle. It's charming, but I didn't use it because I had a strong mental image of this card (which rarely happens) and the die-cut beetle didn't fit. I looked through older stamps and found the Wheely Great Stamp & Die Combo. Not only were the beetles the perfect size, but one stamp was this beetle with the flowers which worked perfectly with the sentiment. (I love it when an idea comes together!)

TE Go Beep CloseUp

It's not the norm but I'm going to use this as a graduation card. Is there any better way to send a new grad into the future than wishing them joy?!

Here's the supply list for this card, but keep reading because there's another card just after it. Remember, the links won't work until release day on Thursday.


Happy Trails - Smell the Pines

I feel like this next stamp set is made for me! I am a long-time camper and hiker from the time I was just a little one and my parents had a big red pick-up and a camper topper. My dad died when I was quite young, but the most vivid memory I have of him was when he was trying to help us cross a creek on a hike and struggling to pull a huge log over to it as a bridge, but when he dropped it over the creek, it shattered. He laughed until he cried!

I married my husband partially because of our mutual love of the Colorado outdoors. We've definitely aged over time - because we started with backpacks and wilderness, then we got a bigger tent and kept it near the car so we could cook eat (and drink!), then when the kids came along we got a pop-up camper - and now we have a small condo in a mountain town!!  Here's a 20-year old picture of my oldest son bathing on a picnic table with sun-warmed water.

And here's my 16-year old just last summer.


Here's what's important about this long story. Whether we are backpacking in the wilderness or sitting on the deck of the condo - every single time we comment that all our troubles disappear and life is better from the moment we step out of the car.  It's the smell of the pines!  It truly is. It's funny to watch all four of us step out of the car and simultaneously close our eyes and take a deep breath. It doesn't matter whether my husband and I are arguing, whether I have a big project worrying me, or whether the teenagers are being...teenagers - we are better people in the mountains. So this stamp set couldn't be much more perfect!

TE Happy Trails

I kept my card very simple just because of my life-is-simpler theme, so I didn't add any of the other stamps in the set - there's a campfire and a picnic table, there's a charming bear and a cute little porcupine, and so much more! The stamp set itself - Happy Trails - is from a previous release. What's new with this release are the dies. Isn't it amazing how reliant we have all become on our dies? In this case, I was able to stamp the trees and plop my trailer right on top. There are actually two sets of dies - I used the set called Happy Trails - Trailers. There's also a set for the animals and some of the other items called Happy Trails - Accessories.

TE Happy Trails CloseUp

I hope I didn't chatter too long because you definitely want to take the time to pop over to the Taylored Expressions blog to answer the question for a chance to win prizes and then check out all of the sneak peeks from the other designers.



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    1. I realized after I posted my comment that auto correct put in weird words. Decided to correct that! LOL!

  2. I love your family stories as much as I love your cards! Thank you for sharing just a small piece of your life. Your cards are always amazing!

  3. Oh how adorable!!! I LOVE the car card. I adore Bugs. (the car, not insects!! LOL) Your second card is fantastic. I never got into camping but you make me want to buy this set with that fabulous card!! Great design!

  4. Both of these cards are fabulous, Kim, but that second one (and your story to go along with it) have stolen my heart!!! I love mountain life!

  5. I grew up camping and continued while our son was home! It is a simple and relaxing time isn't it. Your cards are as fabulous as always, but your story today has me smiling!!

  6. I'll admit that I've never been much of a camper, and my idea of roughing it is a hotel with no room service, lol. But I know what you mean. For me the relaxation comes as I sit on the bluff above Lake Michigan and just watch the water. I love turning down my street and seeing the Lake and feeling the serenity of it all, even though I'm in the city. Some places are just special, aren't they? Thanks for sharing your story and photos about the evolution of your camping and what it means to you and your family. Your card is a delight. I do love that sweet little camper nestled among the pines. And it's wonderfully CAS. The woodgrain base in white is perfect for your card, too. I really, really like this one! Have a good week. Bev


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