Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taylored Expressions and Therm O Web's Deco Foil

This week, Taylored Expressions is partnering with Therm O Web. We get to use products from both companies on our cards.  Although I have been a long-time user of Taylored Expressions' product - Deco Foil from Therm O Web is new to me - and I am LOVING it!!

The other fun thing is that there are prizes to be had!! TE will be giving away a Deco Foil prize pack and Therm O Web will be giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to the TE Store. Be sure to head over to the Taylored Expressions blog and to the Therm O Web blog for all of the details.

Tell me this isn't gorgeous!!

TE Melon Silhouettes

I'm not bragging on myself or my cardmaking skills.  (I'm a German/Scandinavian, Lutheran South Dakota farm girl - we don't brag!)  What I'm thrilled with is the gorgeous sheen of these flowers.  And it's incredibly easy to do.

TE Melon Silhouettes

Using Therm O Web's PeelnStick Toner Sheets, I cut the Silhouette Stems 1 and the small butterfly from In Flight Overlays.  Then I cut a piece of Pink Melon Deco Foil slightly bigger than the flowers and a piece of Champagne Deco Foil slightly bigger than the butterfly.  Putting the colored side of the foil up, I layered the foil on the die cut and put it though my laminator.

Laminators do vary. I have a bottom of the line Scotch laminator. I set it at 5 mil, a scrap of cardstock was placed under the die cut in the parchment folder and the folder was run through twice. The foiled piece was also burnished with a bone folder to adhere all of the little pieces before the excess foil was removed.  If you don't have a laminator but are thinking about it - after talking to others, I would recommend the Royal Sovereign laminator. It's the one you see on so many of the videos out there showing how to use Deco Foil. It's also the one Therm O Web sells. 

TE Melon Silhouettes

One other fun thing on this card - see the shiny diagonal stripes?  I printed the black stripes on my printer. If you have a laser printer with which you can print cardstock - you can use it to adhere foil - just like the laminating instructions above. I used Opal Deco Foil which gave it a nice sheen.

The important words are "on which you can print cardstock".  My printer technically doesn't, but I printed a diagonal stripe on regular printer paper. I cut a piece of cardstock to the smaller size I needed on my card. Adhered it to the printer paper and ran it all through again. Because it was a smaller piece, it went through just fine.

I didn't want to stop foiling - so check out how perfect it is for Christmas!

TE Trio of Snowflakes

You just HAVE to smile at shiny, colorful snowflakes.

TE Trio of Snowflakes

I did have one teeny-tiny problem - taking the pictures was extremely hard!!  I don't generally use natural light because most of the year, my crafting time is in the dark.  I have a set-up that generally works for me with a cobbled together photo box and two Ott-lites providing illumination.  My set-up failed miserably with these because the light reflected from the foil and totally freaked out my camera (or else the incompetent user had no idea how to adjust the camera to compensate.)  So I headed outside.  It was very cold, gray, nearly raining and very windy.  More than once, I had to chase these poor cards across the lawn.  But I LOVE the results.

TE Trio of Snowflakes

Don't forget to check out the Taylored Expressions blog and the Therm O Web blog for a chance at the prize package!


Taylored Expressions has a wide variety of laminating supplies and foils but, of course, I got carried away and used a few that aren't currently at TE.

Melon Silhouettes

Besides these products found at Taylored Expressions, I also used Pink Melon Deco Foil and Opal Deco Foil.

A Trio of Snowflakes

Besides these products, I also used Spring Green Deco Foil.


  1. Once you start using those delicious foils you just don't. want. to. stop!
    Your cards looks amazing Kim, and you should brag!

  2. SO pretty Kim!! Love the clors on your snowflake card!

  3. You have just saved me A LOT of $$$, Kim! I was ready to buy a MINC foiling machine ... and after seeing your foil here ... I went 'googling' and found that you can foil with adhesive and a Big Shot instead! Thanks for the heads up! Hugs xx

  4. Breath-taken-away at your beautiful foiled cards, Kim! Stunning shimmer..I can see why you wouldn't want to stop when the results are this incredible. Your natural light photos capture your designs' elegance to a 't'. If only I had more space (and talent...and $$ *grin*) Looking forward to seeing more of your foil fabulousness..


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