Sunday, May 8, 2016

Full Bloom for Mother's Day

I've had a die sitting in my not-yet-used stash that seemed absolutely perfect for Mother's Day.  I used it in a fairly subtle way - so be sure to look at all of the pictures!

Full Bloom for Mother

The main die pops up the petals, but the die set also comes with individual petals so you could add colored or pattern that way. I tried something else. If you look really closely, behind the petalss you can see some color. It's much easier looking at it from an angle.  Here's from the side.

Full Bloom Side

And here it is from the top.

Full Bloom Top

I simply used a scrap piece of cardstock and I sponged three stripes of color.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law!!



  1. this is really pretty! Love your color choices!

  2. Oh Kim, this is so cool! That pop of color is amazing.

  3. Beautiful! Just perfect! TFS.

  4. I like the color hiding underneath Kim, this is fantastic!!


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