Sunday, November 8, 2015

Share Joy: C'mon Get Happy

I love the new Share Joy Challenge. Besides a great sketch and a second inspiration of some kind each week, they also challenge us to actually send the card.  Does anybody besides me end up with stacks of unsent cards?  I love the idea to actually plan for a specific recipient and get it sent.  The challenge is sponsored by Taylored Expressions, but please realize that there is not a requirement to use TE product (although you could win some in the weekly random drawing!)

Here is this week's graphic - you can use either or both:

This card will be sent to my oldest son.  He decided to defer college for a year and he's living on his own for the first time.  We agreed because we knew he needed to grow up a little and be more responsible for his own life, so we said he could take a year off only if he didn't live in our home (how do you learn responsibility if mom and dad are always there?!)  He's doing quite well in many ways - he works, he pays bills, he feeds himself, and he says he gets laundry done(?).  He's had a few hurdles - the most recent being that he didn't figure out that the furnace wasn't on until the temperature in the apartment was below 50°F. He kept calling and saying it was cold but it never occurred to us that the furnace wasn't on. Finally my husband asked him what it sounded like when the furnace cycled on and the air started to blow and Andrew just said "huh?"  I don't remember ever not knowing as much as he doesn't know - and I didn't have the internet to look things up!!!

The only downside is that he's lonely. He moved about 100 miles away and doesn't know anybody. Frankly, one of the things we wanted him to learn was that friendships take work. He's a good kid, but he never quite got the fact that you had to make an effort and go out of your way with friends (or for that matter, to be an active part of a school, etc.)  I'm sad that he's lonely, but I do see the growth in him.

Anyway, I'm sending him regular cards, often with little gift cards.  This was designed for him, although I might hold on to it until he's a little happier.  I love the saying - but it's a little in your face if you are truly sad.

Share Joy Get Happy

I love the fonts in this stamp set. I kept the card really simple so the sentiment would shine.  I used the new Stitched Rectangle Stacklets dies but I need to say that I had to stretch the die for the sentiment panel.  It is so easy to stretch or shrink stitched dies. I put half the die between the cutting "sandwich" with the other half sticking out so it didn't cut.  Then I moved the die to make it longer and cut that half.  The stitching makes it easy because you can feel it click into place with the already cut stitching and you know it's lined up!

Hopefully this card makes my son smile!



  1. Okay, all I can think of when I see that sentiment is the Partridge Family theme song!! LOVE the design, the colors and the way you used the stamps on this. FABULOUS design!

  2. Ah, that's quite a story about your son.
    As a parent it's always difficult, but also necessary to let go of your kids.
    I kind of experience the same thing at the moment...
    But it sounds like he's really trying and is making the most of it and that's good! And an encouriging thought for both of you. :-)
    He may not feel or see it now, but I'm sure your prayers are with him and so God will watch over him as well. :-)
    As for your card, gosh, I can't remember when I last visited your fab blog!!
    The card is perfect. Love the pied a poule design, very classy!
    And the font is playful and artsy, love the combo.
    Wish your son all the best and tell him that there are people from all over the world who think of him too.
    I'll say a prayer for him as well.
    Thanks for sharing!


    ps. and yes, I've also got a pile of unsend cards as well... such a good idea to actually send them after making.... but some were made on commission for a magazin or publication and so not always made with a specific person in mind....

  3. So hard to leave the nest the first time, for both child and parents. Your cards will really help him to know that you're only a call or short car trip away. And I'll bet he saves them forever and tells his children what a wonderful mom you were to send them just when he needed them most. It's beautiful. Perfect for a young man. Great colors and great papers. I just put in a little order for more TE goodies...I didn't have nearly enough in my collection; can't wait for the package to arrive!!!! Have a great week. Bev

  4. I think this will be the perfect pick me up for him!!

  5. Amazing card that I am totally going to lift because I just got that stamp and never would have turned it sideways. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Hi Kim! That is one heck of a fabulous card! You rocked that color palette and I love how you used placed and layered the sentiment! WOWSA! I hope your son starts having an easier time of it on his own. I'm thinking of you guys!

  7. Your son is on a journey that has both ups and downs; sounds like he's weathering them quite well. He's young and inexperienced; by this time next year, he'll still be young but far more experience. He'll know 'himself' better. As for being lonely: I feel for him, however, in his own time and his own way, he'll reach out. I agree with Bev: the cards and notes you're sending are appreciated and treasures; keepsakes to share with his own children. Your card: perfect for this young man of yours, both in colours/images and message...


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