Saturday, November 21, 2015

Curtain Call Reminder: Foxy

Just a reminder that there is still time to play along with the challenge at the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Foxy!

A month ago, I made a moose gift bag that I recently decided I was going to use for a small Christmas gift for my older son.  Obviously that meant I needed to do another gift bag for my younger son. They like to pretend that they think my hobby is beneath their notice - but they definitely like their cards, and he would notice if big brother got a handmade item and he didn't. As luck would have it, I have a set of dies to make a fox gift bag that is absolutely charming!

CC Fox Gift Bag

Look at this face!!

CC Fox Gift Bag CloseUp

I love his warm and cuddly look, but I think he'd be equally good in gray and white for a wintery, snowy look!  

I hope to see you playing along with the Foxy challenge!



  1. This is absolutely the cutest little guy ever!!! It made me smile this morning!

  2. This is fabulous, Kim!! Love it!!

  3. So, so cute! Well, like everything that comes from your talented ways.

  4. now how perfect is this?! So CUTE.

  5. Definitely YES, I think it would look just great in white/gray.
    But this cutie is just sooo very sweet! I like the angle of his head, aah, too cute! :-)And it makes such a nice gift too.


  6. Oh my God! I want that fox die :) awesome !!

  7. Oh my's the darling Little Bits fox in giant size! LOVE it, as will your son! So delightful that they appreciate your crafting, even if they pretend not to....


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