Thursday, January 22, 2015

HB2U Balloons

I have just learned that wordpress decided I was spam!!
Of course, they didn't tell me so I've been happily leaving comments,
and if you are a wordpress blog, they sit in your spam folder for awhile
and then disappear.  All is fixed for me now - so if you don't think
you've heard from me in awhile - I've been trying!

I made a birthday card for design team friend and I had to mail it to Canada.  I mailed it ten days ago so I am hoping it is safe to show today!

I like making cards for other cardmakers.  Within my own crafting limits, I try to honor their style. This particular card is for the wonderful Marisa Ritzen from Rosemary Reflections.  (Her birthday was yesterday - I forgot to post!)  Marisa is the queen at using patterned paper.  She uses a variety of patterns and multiple layers, but it never looks over-the-top.  Her work is absolutely lovely.

I am not great at patterned paper - but I thought that I could surely add some as strips and as balloons!!  I picked a paper pad that had more muted colors (Marisa seems to lean toward muted and natural) and I added one bold black and white pattern (she's good at that too!)

HB2U Balloon FB

Happy Birthday Marisa!!


I couldn't find the 6x6 paper pad that I used at any of my favorite online stores - it's We R Memory Keepers Chalkboard.  I did find and link some 12x12s that could do the job.


  1. It's beautiful! Love the sketch and colors!

  2. You're definitely NOT spam!!! Sorry you had that trouble...dang it all. This is a really sweet birthday card, Kim. Love the tribute you've given. Beautiful design and gorgeous colors!! Bev

  3. You rocked the patterned papers Kim! A terrific birthday card, sure to be loved!

  4. You are SO kind, Kim, thank you! Your wonderful card got here yesterday and was such a lovely surprise after a long day at work ((hugs)). You are bang on with my love of muted colours versus bright ones. I had to giggle at the patterned paper comment because I can remember how I used to HATE using it LOL! Thanks heavens for paper packs that have coordinating papers in them wink, wink. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated Kim - biiiiig cyber ((hug)) from Canada MWAH!

  5. I have that paper pack, Kim, but I've never done anything this wonderful with it. I love that embossed sentiment across the "middle".

  6. Beautiful card everything about it and you totally rocked the patterned paper.

  7. I'm not so great at using patterned paper, either! Thanks for some great inspiration! Hugs xxx

  8. WOW, WOW and've replicated aspects and elements of Marisa's card wonderfully, with delightful additions of your own style and flair. You've worked magic with the muted/natural patterned papers, and the strip of embossed sentiments...what a classy touch! No wonder Marisa loves this (me too); gorgeous and thoughtful!

  9. This is fabulous!! I cannot believe that you said you are not great at using patterned paper. WRONG. This card is beautiful. LOVE it!!

  10. Very Stylish card!! Love the embossed text and WoW, so many patterned papers on one card! No, just kidding. Totally not over the top and I love the muted colors! She'll be so pleased with your card!! You're great at making cards as well, in you own way, your own style, that's what I like so much about your cards!! And not to mention all the blogposts with funny and entertaining texts you share with the rest of the world! :-)



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