Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts for CAS and LIM!

I have been missing in action the past few days but I did warn you on my last post that my iPad was being delivered and being a total addict to my iPod Touch, I knew that I was going to spend all my free time setting it up.  More on this later!

This week's challenge at Less Is More is a one layer card using embossing - either dry embossing of heat embossing.  I use embossing folders virtually all the time, so I decided to challenge myself to use heat embossing.  I have many vials of embossing powders that I love, but it's been awhile since I used them and I had forgotten how that powder ends up everywhere!  My eyebrows are glittering!!

This morning's Splitcoast CAS Challenge is the word "gift".  I have some beautiful stamps regarding God's gifts so pulled those out. the is all about the stamps.  CAS cards and especially one layer cards can be difficult.  I find myself hunting for fun and unusual techniques to show off on my CAS cards.  But, in reality, if I use a beautiful stamp, I have a beautiful card!

I did try to do something different on the sentiment, but likely I am the only one that can tell.  After I stamped it in Versamark, I used my fingers to sprinkle a little bit of the sparkly black powder on the main words.  I tapped it off and then added a plain black embossing powder on the rest.

  • Stamps: Clear Dollar Stamps Ephesians 2:8-9, Eureka Crosses Border (Eureka carries many Christian stamps)
  • Ink: Versamark
  • Paper: white
  • Accessories: Stamp 'n Stuff Starry Night embossing powder, Ultra Detail Black Embossing Powder, misc gem
Now...since I am practically giddy over my iPad2, you get to suffer through some of the really fun stuff I did regarding my cardmaking!!  You aren't going to be nearly as excited as I am - first, because I am more obsessive about organization than anybody that I know and second, these photos do not capture the spectacular clarity of the HiDef iPad screen!

I am going to do all of my blog reading on my iPad.  I found Feeddler Pro which totally replaces Google Reader.  (Another highly rated app - Reeder - just supplements Google Reader.  Feeddler lets me bring over categories, etc.)

I just click on a blog (the little blue circles tell me there are new posts) and here it is!  (Hi, Andrea!)

So then I found an app called Chronicle.  I am going to use it to save the challenges that I like to play.  When I am reading a challenge blog, I tap the photo of the challenge with two fingers, it saves it.  I pop over over to Chronicle and it's a simple touch of the button to bring it into the date of the challenge!  See the challenges listed for last week...

 Then I tap on the day of the challenge and up pops the sketches, colors, etc.!

The next photo is a really cool feature.  The app ibooks lets you download pdf files.  I have previously listed various sites that collect their challenges into pdf files (see the iPod app button at the top of my blog.)  Here they are all downloaded and nicely organized.  So...for example, if I click on that last file, a pdf of all of the Splitcoast Color Challenges opens up.  If I'm ever stuck on a card - I just come over to "ibooks" and I have files of ideas!!

FYI - the first document is actually the "pdf" download of all of the My Digital Studio stamps from Stampin' Up.  You can get that at the My Digital Studio website under Resources. 

This next one is going too far, even for me.  I have a number of databases to organize all of my supplies.  In this photo I have clicked on "Colors" and it shows me all of the PTI and SU colors with checkboxes as to whether I have cardstock, ink, refills, buttons, etc.  The ribbon column is really exciting, because I have another database with every ribbon that matches PTI or SU that I have - the database you are looking at runs over to the ribbon database and tells me the number of ribbons that I have!!

Even with my love of databases sometimes I just make lists.  "Manage" is a great little list make.  You can make tons of different lists, tag the entries, check them off - and even more fun, are the tools to highlight items or to handwrite little notes.  If you want a "color" list like I have in my database, you could make a list of the colors and then use the blue marker to indicate CS and the red marker to indicate ribbon and maybe highlight it if you need something!  So much fun!

So how many of you are totally laughing at how anal I am.  Not only am I anal, but I get absolutely giddy with excitement as I am organizing.  And just so you know, it isn't just cardmaking.  I also have apps for books to read, I have a checkbook, a todo list, facebook, cookbooks, etc.  It's organizing my whole life.

Of course, my kids have to play with it too.  Their favorite is the front-facing camera and an app that comes with the iPad2 called Photo Booth.  Here are my darling children distorting themselves!!

Now I have to go and start getting all of that embossing powder off of my desk (and my eyebrows) and...I'll probably do a little more iPad organizing!  (Or maybe I should do wash some dishes or do some laundry.)


  1. This is totally gorgeous - the crosses and sentiment look amazing. And the little bit of bling - perfect!!

    The iPad sounds fun - but I'm running away now as I don't need any more techy stuff! :) Enjoy!

  2. First things first, am a total Apple addict they make it I have to have it ! Got my I Pad 2 last week so thanks for the tips and the app info. Your card is very stylish and elegant, fabulous embossing.


  3. This is a fabulous card, very elegant. Jo

  4. I'm in awe of your skills with the iPad and your card is fab... as ever!
    Thanks so much Kim.
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  5. Oh my goodness me your card has the WOW factor in bucket loads, knocked out XOXO Zoe

  6. Fabulous card Kim. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. Beautiful card and sentiment. I love it
    Beryl x

  8. A beautiful card. xx (only thing I can do with the ipad is surf the net and play solitaire, Lol)

  9. Fabulously stunning!
    Thank you very much
    Diva LIM mandi
    "Less is More"

  10. Lovely card Kim, fab CAS design. You totally lost me about the ipad .... I'm really not techy enough, looks great though :)
    Jenny x

  11. Beautiful card such clever work with your embossing powder. Now you have me wanting an ipad and i have trouble with a computer!!!!!

  12. You are hilarious! I officially bow down to you as the AR Queen. I thought I was royalty but clearly I am only a minion! LOL! :)
    Your glittery embossing is gorgeous and that one gem is the perfect highlight.

  13. Hi Kim, what a stunning card. I don't have ipad, but I was over the moon when I got my Kindle for Christmas - these gadgets are great aren't they? Sarah

  14. Love the WOW of the embossing on the white. And ... sigh ... I am so envious of how techno savvy you are. My IPhone sits untouched most of the time ... cos I just don't seem to have the time to learn how to do anything properly! These apps look totally awesome! Enjoy your new toy, Kim.

  15. What a beautiful card Kim! No tricks or gimmicks needed. I know what you mean about that embossing powder. It takes days to get rid of it!

  16. Such a great card, well done :O) Viv xx

  17. Hello there, Wonderful embossing on your beautiful card:0) Must say I'd love to have a play on your applly poddy thingy, looks like loads of fun:0) xxx

  18. Kim...all I can say is WOW!!! Fabulous cards...and YAY on the iPad!! Love mine, but it looks like you already know more about yours than I do about mine! LOL!

  19. Wow, am impressed both by the card and the organisational skills ;o)

  20. Truly stunning card! And wow I want an ipad2. I didn't realise it could do all that. x

  21. Kim your card is very beautiful. The stamps ate a perfect match to the fabulous sentiment.

    I played with my brother's iPad a few weeks back. Yep .... spent at least 4 hours playing games; and that is the extent of my techno knowledge. I'm still pulling my hair out trying to figure out this miserable MacPro (really do despise this computer) so there is no way I could take on another Apple product without causing undo stress. LOL
    With that said, wow wow wow on your organizational skills.
    PS - Why are the Bermuda Bay boxes black? Does that mean you didn't purchase that color?

  22. OMG. I think we might be long lost organizing cousins! First, thank you for the great app recommendations. I'm looking forward to trying them out this weekend. Now, to the big question - I LOVE your iPad database!!! - did you create it yourself or is it an app out there? If the former, any chance you want to share? :)

  23. Absolutely stunning card Kim! You make one layer cards look magnificent. Love the simplicity & elegance of the black on white & the hint of colour in the bling.

    Go you - You are definitely the Queen of Organisation! :)


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