Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Card Concept: Cuppa Coffee

 It's time for a new challenge at The Card Concept: Cuppa Cocoa or Coffee. My Clean and Layered card was inspired by the theme and then the colors led me toward a masculine card.

Cuppa Coffee

I did change up the green from the inspiration colors. I struggle with classic red and green - my eye sees the combo as cold and I did not want this coffee card to be cold.  I know it's odd given they are traditional Christmas colors.  But it's always better for me if I can warm up one or the other - either lean the red toward an orange tone or use a green with a more yellowish tone.

Cuppa Coffee

Both of my sons are just moving into the world of "adulting" - although perhaps a bit slower than I would like!  Having said that, I know I am underestimating the challenges of college life over the last few years. Back in my day (when we walked to classes up hill both ways in 3 feet of snow!), it was a transitional time - it was the start of adulting but in a protected environment.  You knew you'd have a job and you knew it would likely be in an office cubicle somewhere. So college was a time to thoroughly enjoy life and have some innocent fun before entering the real world.  Now my sons have to deal with so much - obviously COVID but so many other things that simply don't allow for "innocent fun". As a distraction from it all, I regularly send them cards. I'm sure they roll their eyes each time, but I also know at least one of them always keeps the most recent card on their desk. Along with my constant prayers, I want them to know that I'm always in their corner!  

And that was a serious sidetrack, but I had all of this in mind when I got this stamp set from Stampin' Up!  It had a quirky look and lots of sentiments that I knew would work for my sons. Not only did it include coffee but also cookies, chocolate and cocktails which also worked!! I've had the set for a while but it got put aside in the Christmas chaos so expect to see more in the coming weeks!

A big thank you to The Card Concept for pointing me in this direction!  I hope to see you playing along with us for our Cuppa Cocoa or Coffee challenge!


Stamps: Stampin' Up Nothing's Better Than

Dies: Stampin' Up Love You More Than

Paper: Honey Bee Stamps Fresh Brewed


  1. Love the focal banner, this is so cute!

  2. What a wonderful card--love the background! Inside I know they're glad to have a loving mom in their corner, whether they roll their eyes or not--haha!


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