Monday, January 17, 2022

Poppystamps: Hugs and a Happy Fox

 I am on the Poppystamps blog today with Hugs and a Happy Fox!

Poppystamps Hugs and a Happy Fox

During the pandemic,  I have been sending cards every week to my almost 90-year old mother-in-law who stayed completely isolated in her home. She's always been an active and extroverted lady so I wanted to provide her a small bright spot in her mailbox. That's a lot of cards but the interesting thing is, she never says a word about them, unless I send her a card using any of the Poppystamps Whittles. Then she texts saying how much she loves my cards! Obviously she is as charmed by the Whittles as I am - so today's card was created for my next mailing to my MIL.

Poppystamps Hugs and a Happy Fox

This Whittle Happy Fox is one of my favorites just for his expression. On this card I gave him a friend and some sunshine! The background is the Scribble Daisy Heart Frame and the Hugs is from the Marzipan Alphabet. I cut stripes of cardstock going from the ground to the sky!

Be sure to check out the Poppystamps blog for more details and more pictures.

Dies: Poppystamps Scribble Daisy Heart Frame, Marzipan Alphabet, Whittle Clouds, Whittle Sunshine, Whittle Birds, Whittle Happy Fox
Cardstock: Memory Box 6x6 packs in Sunny Orange, Lush Green, Fresh Aqua and Earth Neutral


  1. How cute that she texts when you use the Whittles! I can see why, they are adorable!

  2. Gorgeous! The colours of the stripey background are fabulous and all work so well together.

  3. Absolutely adorable card & such a great idea to use the cardstock strips behind the pretty die cut!


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