Saturday, September 7, 2019

Taylored Expressions Blender Brushes: Soft to Bold

I was a huge fan of the wonderful (and very colorful) Taylored Expressions Blender Brushes when they first came out and my love for them continues to grow.  They are one of the few things that are always out on my desk - I reach for them over and over.

The two things that I love most about them are my ability to add color without getting a hard edge like I always get with sponges - and that color can be added at any intensity that you like.  I love brushing just a hint of blue sky behind my scenes - almost too little to see it, but just enough to make my stamped images and die-cuts pop.

This card isn't quite that subtle - but check out the softly colored striped panel.

Taylored Expressions Blender Rainbows

I cut a narrow panel and very lightly brushed on that rainbow of color.  I did trim the edge off before I adhered - the edge always gets just a big darker as your brush goes on and off the paper and I didn't want that on this card.  

Taylored Expressions Blender Rainbows

I thought the look was just perfect for a sweet sentiment.

Now for the amazing part.

Believe it or now, this next card uses exactly the same ink colors for the rainbow!!

Taylored Expressions Blender Rainbows

I have so much control with these brushes, I can achieve totally different looks!!

Taylored Expressions Blender Rainbows

The style of this Rain or Shine sentiment set is at the top of my favorite list, so I am always looking for a chance to use it. A rainbow of color seemed like the perfect chance.  Then I just added a simple, colorful umbrella and a few raindrops.

Here they are together - the same colors!!  I LOVE it!!

Taylored Expressions Blender Rainbows

Luckily, if you missed them the first time - pre-orders are coming next week!  Watch the TE blog or your email if you signed up) for more information.





  1. Two lovely cards Kim! The first is soft and delicate and the second delightful!

  2. Beautiful cards, love the smooth blending, Cathy x

  3. Beautiful cards, Kim! I love the softly colored rainbow.

  4. Great cards! i love that you can get very different looks with the same ink combinations/

  5. Two beautiful rainbow cards, Kim! Love these!


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