Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day: Paper Dolls

Spellbinders Valentine Flat

The only truly fun Valentines I get to make are for my nieces.  I'm surrounded by boys and men who are about as far from mushy as it gets.  (In fact this year for my 19-year old, I resorted to a McDonald's gift card because he is currently addicted to their cheesy bacon fries - I stuck it in an envelope but I did use this set (just on the envelope, no card at all) and mashed together "this may be cheesy, I only have fries for you" + the fries.  Get it? Cheese and fries!!)  

These little darlings come from the Spellbinders January Small Die of the Month Club.  It's called First Crush.  It's absolutely brilliant.  There are a number of dies that can come together in a myriad of ways - little girls, older girls, boys, different hairstyles - a classic paper doll set!  I knew it would be perfect for my youngest niece.  It might be a stretch for my oldest niece, although by the time I added earrings and cute leggings, I think it will work.  Besides I just don't have that many more years for cute girl cards so I took advantage of it this year.

Spellbinders Valentine WEB

I'm enamored of all of the little details.  Obviously the hair is different - but notice that the main hair part is the same - and that's the piece that works for a little boy.  I added ruffled sleeves to one and little socks.  One has earrings - and that piece worked for pigtail holders for the other.  Notice there are even different eyes that I think really changed the age of these sweet dolls.  I had SO much fun.  I'm not sure my nieces will enjoy receiving their cards as much as I enjoyed revisiting my childhood and playing with paper dolls!!

Spellbinders Younger Spellbinders Older

I hope your day is full of love and hugs!!  (And maybe some chocolate!)

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. THese are adorable...and I have this die! I should have done these with my DGD! Cute!

  2. Yup, these are really adorable! and unique! Happy Valentine's day!

  3. I know it's been a while, but I sure missed reading your blogposts with that great sense of humour. :-)
    Yes I totally got it, ha, ha, great gift with the cheese and fries, made me smile!
    Ah and your paperdolls are just too cute!! Love'em!
    All those details omg, it's brilliant.



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