Friday, November 9, 2018

Taylored Expressions: Alpaca My Party Hat

I seem to need as many birthday cards in November and December as I do Thanksgiving and Christmas cards.  You'd think people could plan their birthdays better, wouldn't you?  (Of course, this from the mom who has kids with birthdays on December 29th and January 4th!)

This card is for a gentlemen at work who has a thing for goats and alpaca.  Turns out I don't have a single goat in my stash but I do have this fabulous alpaca and/or llama from the Taylored Expressions Llama Love set.

KIM Llama Love

This guy is charming and what makes him even cuter is there are four faces to choose from.  I had used another fun face on this card!!

Since the card was for a guy (and an accountant at that), I kept this card relatively unembellished.  I stenciled on some clouds, then used a simple pattern for the ground.  I just looped some twine for a alpaca-ish, masculine look!

Here's another look at that grinning face!  I can't help but smile back!!

KIM Llama Love Close



  1. Oh he's fun and so is that sentiment!

  2. "Alpaca my party hat...." hahahaha! What a funny/punny sentiment! Once I got past that, I was able to check out all the elements of your card. Oh so fun, and perfect for a guy-accountant. I know about the Nov/Dec birthdays...I think I've counted an even dozen for us. But it's fun to make cards, so it's all good! LOVE this sweet card, and I'm guessing your coworker will too. Have a great weekend. Bev

  3. How charming is this alpaca; your colleague is sure to mega-watt smile when this lands on his desk! Thoughtful and ever so much fun!


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