Sunday, December 24, 2017

Smells Like Carrots!!

Isn't that just an odd title for a Christmas Eve post...Smells Like Carrots?!!  I have a deep, dark secret to tell you.  I really dislike December.  Don't read too much into that.  I am passionate about Christmas.  I have Christmas music playing starting December 1st.  It's in my ear all day at work; it's in my car and in my home. I am sitting here this morning with Christmas lights on and the fireplace blazing. The highlight of my year will be tonight at church when the candles are lit and Silent Night is sung followed closely by the organ triumphantly playing Joy to the World as we are leaving. Our family "tradition" is to keep the holidays simple - so we have movies and family games planned.  Since I'm surrounded by men, probably a lot of football - but that's OK, we are together!  However, the rest of December?  Just too darn busy and crowded for my tastes.

This card was planned for a very special family but honestly, in might have been more for me as it totally tickled my funny bone during the overly busy days of December!

TE Smell the Carrots

For the background, I sponged three different blues on a plain sheet of cardstock - then covered it with that perfect winter die cut.  I love that snowman...and the really fun part??  It has a bunch of different faces that you can use.  The scrunched up face totally worked for me!

TE Smell the Carrots Close

It's finally Christmas Eve day.  I'm ready!  The boys will be up soon.  We'll watch football.  My youngest is a fabulous cook and he's making dinner.  And then church and Silent Night - it's a glorious day!

Merry Christmas!!!

TE Smell the Carrots Copics


  1. Love your fun card and that background is awesome.
    I certainly have a love/hate thing with December.

  2. This is so fun!! LOVE the die cut background and that sentiment made me laugh!!

  3. Ha! This is hilarious! I'm too scared to start buying TE products because I don't think I'll stop, but your cards keep pushing me closer! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Haha, this is too much fun Kim!! That sentiment is s hoot! I'm with you on all of the hustle, bustle, traffic and crowds. We did most of our shopping online this year. I hope you enjoyed a very Merry Christmas with all of those boys of yours!

  5. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Kim! I'm with you about December: far too much rushing, although in my case, most is self-induced! *Somebody* should start making Christmas cards/projects further in advance *grin* Your 'simple' Christmas plans sound so wonderfully relaxing and cozy; time with family to 'just be' is truly a gift. As you've read on my blog, we were 'here, there and everywhere' with more journeys to happen pretty much most of January. It's all good and fabulous but...I welcome those 'stay put' days; this ol' gal needs rejuvenation time! Okay...enough of my prattle! Your snowman is most delightful with his scrunched up face and most fitting sentiment! Love the snowy backdrop you designed for him, too! As always, a joy to visit your blog! Happy New Year! Heading in reverse to add comments to my previous oohing and ahhing...


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