Saturday, December 23, 2017

Naughty or Nice Little Elf??

My oldest niece is a month away from being a teenager.  That is such an interesting age.  Sometimes she is all little girl with a passion for pink and stuffed animals.  Other times she is a rebellious teen with teenage-fashion sense and a passion for whatever teenagers might be passionate about on any given day.  So I tried to combine both sides of her on her Christmas card.  Lots of pink, a sweet little elf, and a silly sentiment!!!

Naughty or Nice

The elf's body and head are separate stamps.  The idea is that the head could pop up such as with a Mini Wobble Spring.  I didn't use one because with the sheet of foam adhesive under the entire front to create the shaker, the Wobble Spring just added too much thickness. However, the separate head did allow me to tilt her head like she was thinking hard about the question!

Naughty or Nice Close

Surprisingly, I am actually 99% ready for Christmas.  I do need a few groceries.  I was going to go before dawn this morning just to avoid the crowds, but I decided it was much more fun to settle into my crafting corner with the Christmas tree and the fireplace on - and my noisy men and boys still asleep.  I have Hallmark movies on the TV and good coffee in my Christmas mug.  

We have a completely relaxed and easy Christmas in front of us.  It's just the four of us through the 25th.  We have our favorite meals planned, we'll definitely have football on during the day - and then church on Christmas Eve with my favorite Christmas moment - candles and Silent Night - and finally we'll be playing our favorite family games.  On the 26th we are celebrating with my brother's family who are vacationing in the wonderfully picturesque mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado.  

I do hope you all are able to come into these holidays prepared and relaxed and ready to celebrate!!



  1. This is adorable! I love the expression on her face. Happy birthday to your niece!

  2. How perfect is this darling elf for your 'almost' teenage niece (how quickly time flies, right!). Her outfit is very stylish; love the pink and the striped leggings! Of course, the shaker element adds extra charm! My niece is 7 and, most days, is still very much a 'little girl'. There are times, however, when she's 7 going on 17...and soon enough she truly will be! YIKES! Now I have a sudden urge to gather up more stuffed animals for her to cuddle *grin*


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