Monday, May 8, 2017

Taylored Expressions: Thanks For Being My Anchor

My husband grew up on the east coast and loves to sail.  He introduced the boys and I to it on a lake in the mountains of Colorado.  I can't say we totally took to it - I think you have to grow up understanding that sailboats practically lay down sideways when you are turning (or tacking??) - but we spent some lovely days on the water!  He has a little red sailboat - so as I was thinking ahead to Father's Day - these nautical dies made sense.

TE Nautical Little Bits

OK - the lighthouse probably doesn't make any sense here here in Colorado - we'll call that artistic license!!

The set that has "Happy Father's Day" also has "Thanks for being my anchor".  I made it for one of our boys to give to him - but then it occurred to me that at 17 years old and 21 years old, they'd probably prefer picking out their own card for him - probably wildly sarcastic.

I do love making little scenes with dies.



  1. This is perfect for your hubby! Super cute Kim. I love lighthouses, so this one makes perfect sense to me...even in the mountains!!

  2. Your little scenes are always genius too! What a great card! And probably the right choice on the sentiment but maybe, just maybe, the boys would still choose your artistry over sarcasm. ;-)

  3. Fabulous seaside scene and a great Father's Day card!!

  4. I've never been on a sailboat (we're not near sailboat-type water, I'm afraid of water and the likelihood of getting seasick or terrified is 100% *grin*), but the scene you've created here brings a smile! I especially adore the artistically licensed lighthouse! Maybe your sons can give their dad two cards...yours are ever sooooo special!


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