Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Color Throwdown: A Trio of Flowers

I'm back for another week as a guest designer at the Color Throwdown. This week we have the soft and sweet colors - peach, pink, yellow and white.

True confession time. I am not overly comfortable with pastels.  It's a little bit like patterned paper. Some of my favorite cardmakers layer lots and lots of patterns on each card - and I LOVE it.  If I used exactly the same papers and exactly the same stamps and made exactly the same card - I guarantee it would look cluttered and I'd hate it.  Ditto for pastels.  I see such lovely cards, but everything that I make seems dull and flat.  I don't wear pastels either, nor do I have pastel home decor.  Isn't it funny how we each have hard-coded likes/dislikes and they impact us so greatly?  (Or am I the only crazy one here?!)

I had a lot of false starts on this one.  I tried a baby card with a shaker, I tried a row of elephants (don't ask!), I tried layering butterflies.  I ended up with an embarrassingly simply card (except for adhering the flowers) and I actually really like it.  I think it sends a sweet and thoughtful message - I'd actually pull out these colors again!

CTD Flower Trio

Don't let my sob story impact you - you definitely should play along.  Either you love pastels - or this is a true challenge. Either way, it's fun to play!  Thank you to the fine design team at the Color Throwdown for letting me play along these last few weeks!


The yellow is the long-retired Stampin' Up Barely Banana (still one of my favorite yellows).


  1. I think you did a fabulous job with these pastel colors. Your card is so striking, even though the colors are soft. The open die-cuts are such a great look.

  2. Your card is absolutely gorgeous. Those flowers are perfect with these colors. No one would know the struggles you had with them. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  3. WOW!! I LOVE the simplicity of this card. The white space really draws the eye into the flowers!! Great design!


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