Friday, March 11, 2016

Shaker Apples of My Eye

I have a love/hate relationship with shaker cards. There is nothing quite like seeing a recipient's eyes light up when they see a fun shaker.  But they can be so, so, so much work!!

Frame type dies have solved so many of the problems because you can cut 5 or 6 of them, glue them on top of each other, add some acrylic and then one more frame - and you have a shaker. My problem with that is - how do you cut the acrylic? The die cuts the frame - not a piece as big as the frame. It's easy with a nice rectangle or square - but it gets much harder with a shape. I know - use the frame, trace the shape onto acrylic and cut it out, but have I mentioned how much I hate using scissors?!  I am scissors-impaired!!

My preferred method is to cut shapes right into my card front and then raise the entire card front. Check out my row of shaker apples!  Then I'll try to show you what I mean.

TE Shaker Apples

I used the die from Taylored Expressions Falling for You. I guess it's technically a coordinating die to an apple stamp - but it was exactly the right size for my card.  I started out with no theme in mind - but I saw this sentiment in the set and thought it would be a fun look.

I cut three of the apples right into a card front. Then on the back side I adhered a piece of acrylic directly to the back of the cardstock and then added two layers of my favorite tape (found here). I didn't try to get exactly around the top of the apple because generally the sequins will be at the bottom so it won't matter that I have some extra space on top.  Finally I poured in some sequins.

TE Shaker Apples Backside

I adhered a white panel over the shaker part.  The only reason for this is you can then flip the whole piece right side up and easily adhere it to your card base.

TE Shaker Apples Backside 2

I also cut just the top stem of the apples in green to give them a bit of contrast.

TE Shake Apples Close-Up

This were fun to make!!  Quick and easy!!  Now I just have to figure which of the men/boys in my house have been in my good graces long enough to deserve an "apple of my eye" card!! (Actually that's entirely unfair of me. As I have gone back into the work world, my men/boys have made meals, done laundry, loaded/unloaded the dishwasher and even taken my clothes to and from the dry cleaners!!  Not bad.  I'm quite proud of them. Maybe I need two more of these cards!)



  1. Hi from another scissors impaired friend!
    (that's why I LOVE my Silhouette!)
    Your card is just fabulous Kim! Perfect in every way. The design, the idea, the execution !

  2. WOW... an a-mazing card! Thinking that i need that gigantic roll of tape too!

  3. soooo fun! Love your shaker card!

  4. TERRIFIC shaker card Kim!! Love that you used three colors for your apples!

  5. I love your apple shaker card! That would be so perfect for a teacher with a different sentiment. :)

  6. Very clever design, Kim! What a nifty way to avoid that hand cutting! Thanks for the tips! Hugs xx


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