Thursday, March 24, 2016

Masculine Circles

It's our friend Tony's 25th birthday today.  Tony is part of the family that we do everything with - they might as well be our twins.  My husband and their dad/husband bond over fishing, hunting, grilling, smoking - that kind of stuff. Michele and I bond over books and crafts and complaining about the rest of the family!!  We all met through our 16-year old sons and their passion for lacrosse - and other strange things that 16-year olds bond over. Our oldest sons (the birthday boy Tony and my oldest, Andrew) are very different in terms of passions, but so much alike in terms of personality.  It's a fabulous time when we all get together. One of those no pressure families - we can just have a beer (or two or three) with football in the background and laugh the whole time.

But a birthday card for Tony turned out to be a bit tricky. He's all guy - loves his truck and working on cars, and he's found his passion in welding school. (Let me tell folks, if you have any young men struggling to find a future - welding is a darn good profession to look into).  Turns out I only have cutesy boy stuff and some very outdated-looking man stuff - so I went graphic. 

In the meantime, I had dropped some Copics behind my stamp drawers and had to dismantle the shelves to find them and lo and behold, there were six stamp sets hiding back there.  I didn't even I was missing any. Sad, huh? One set was these graphic circles - I bet they've been back there five years or more!

I sat down to do this card right after I had browsed last week's Freshly Made Sketches gallery so it was on my brain.  I had already done two cards and decided one more wouldn't hurt!

Birthday Circles\

Whew! That was a long story for a simple card, wasn't it??!



  1. I'm sure your stamp sets are so happy to be back in the family again :) This is the perfect card for a young man - full of interest but no frou frou!

  2. How wonderful that you all get along so well, such a blessing!! Terrific card for Tony! Our nephew went into welding a few years ago!!

  3. Great card for a lad/young man, the graphic stamp will definitely appeal and you have chosen great colours :)

  4. I had to smile at your last comment, Kim! Long story, quick card! But ... such a fab idea for a tricky male! Hugs xxx

  5. Whoo hoo for finding some stamp sets - like having them new all over again :) Sure he will love the card. How wonderful to have a family you can do so much with - best gift ever!


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