Sunday, February 21, 2016

Walk by Faith...the Best is Yet to Come

There is nothing certain about life except change. I think this quote actually refers to the certainty of death and taxes, but I've found that "change" rates right up there. Particularly as I get a little older, I keep thinking that at some point my life will be settled - but it never is.

Many of my friends are in the same position. We are of an age that we are becoming empty nesters. I also have friends who have discovered their adult children still give them plenty of anguish. This card is for a long-time friend who has uprooted her entire life to move from Colorado to South Carolina. Today is her going away party. I know she'll be fine - she is an extrovert and a joiner. My guess is that within a week, she'll have volunteered for many church activities and will probably be chairman of some of them!

Walk by Faith

I found a Verve stamp for the inside so that the entire sentiment is "I will walk by faith...the best is yet to come."

My life is changing too. Starting tomorrow, I am a career woman again. I alternate between extreme excitement and abject fear.  As much as I have volunteered during my time as a mom and as busy as I have stayed, I am sure that I will be exhausted until I acclimate to my new life. I couldn't have picked a more difficult way to dive in - I am working for a public accounting firm in downtown Denver. First problem, downtown Denver is a long hard commute - it will add two hours to every day - but I am going to use our light rail system, so I will be able to plan, read and nap while I avoid traffic. The second problem is that public accounting's busy season is January through April and work weeks are 55 hours. Ugh. Double ugh. But there are amazing trade-offs if I survive it - very flexible hours the rest of the year and four weeks of vacation even as a brand new employee.

I may be naive but I am planning on continuing with my cardmaking. Right now, I am almost a month ahead in my design team posts. I'm not always going to be a month ahead; I just wanted to get through the initial period of total exhaustion. Plus I want to make sure that when I have time to sit and make cards, it's fun - not total stress and panic because I have a card due.

The only small impact is that I know that I won't be able to comment on all of your wonderful cards. For my sanity, I've made the decision to not even think about commenting until the busy season is over. It's not like I comment on every card now, so you may not even notice. I'll definitely be reading your posts - it will keep me grounded in my real life!

I look back at what has led up to this change and it's clear to me that this is all meant to be and I know God's plan is for my good.  He doesn't promise us an easy life or even happiness here on earth - but he cares about every detail of our lives. He even knows the number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7) - so he's got this.  I am nervous, but I will walk by faith!!



  1. Wow Kim, I admire you for your decision to take on your career again. When I think of standing behind a pharmacy counter again, I feel nothing but fear! I must admit that I didn't stay up to date, so it will take some to get working fit again!So... good luck, and I really hope you will still find time to make beautiful cards like this!
    Hugs and best wishes

  2. On a selfish note, I certainly hope that you do not give up on card making as your CAS projects have always been a favorite. I do send prayers and good thoughts on your new position. As someone who is older than you, it's been my experience that change is a constant. I am sure you will handle it all with style and grace.

  3. How exciting, Kim! I think it's amazing that you went back to school and are starting a new career. I started out by working for one of the big firms upon graduation. It's good experience, though I can't say I miss the hours. At least you aren't starting until the end of February, so your busy season will be a few weeks shorter than everyone else's. I am confident you will do great, and they are blessed to have you. Have a good week!

  4. Good for your friend to take on this move, wishing her the best. I'm sure she loved her pretty sunny card! Congrats to you on your new job ~ YAY!! I sure hope it works out for you to continue sharing your amazing cards with us! No worries on comments, just take care of yourself. Sending a BIG hug your way, you've got this!!

  5. Gorgeous card Kim! I love that background you've created! Amazing! I will be praying for you as you start this new adventure! Congrats!

  6. Beautiful card, Kim and I'm sure your friend will appreciate its beauty and the sentiment behind it. All the very best getting into a new routine. I have worked all through my boys' childhoods and while I sometimes resented the time away from family, I loved the independence and recognition it gave me as a person as well as a mum.

  7. Hi Kim,
    I've always loved your beautiful cards and been inspired your your faithful outlook on life. I'm wishing you the best in your new venture and hoping your joy in creating continues. Good for you for having a plan right from the beginning.

  8. I know that He will lead you where you are supposed to go. Take it easy on yourself and know you have a legion of people cheering you on in your transition. Hugs!

  9. Kim, I am wildly cheering and applauding this most excellent news; how fortunate this firm is to have incredibly capable YOU joining them! I know you'll weather the 'exhaustion' phase and will, in time, find your niche that will see you in a place where you can balance work and play (translation: making cards). I'm deeply thrilled for you! As for commenting: you will when you can and when you can't...we're receiving those 'thought bubbles'! Your friend will be touched by this wonderful card...and I'm glad that the sentiment is a reflection of your situation. Yes: you are an inspiration in your willingness to welcome and embrace 'change'! I will miss your cards (being selfish *grin*) and posts, but...we know you'll be back once a routine is established...

  10. What a sweet card for your friend, I suspect it will be a super encouragement to her. Are you familiar with Eternal Perspectives Ministries and Randy Alcorn? His new spring edition of their Eternal Perspectives magazine has an excellent article by Randy about happiness. You may wish to check it out-Jesus wants us to be happy in Him! I will be praying for your new venture and suspect that you will do better than you expect! Sounds like they are getting a good employee!!


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