Sunday, February 14, 2016

S'more Love for the Girls

I promised on my last post with the male version of s'more love that I would be back later with the girly version!  Here's my sparkly pink valentines that I will deliver to my little nieces.

Smore Love Pink Both

Smore Love Pink 1

Smore Love Pink 2

All details are on my previous post.  I got the glittery pink paper from Michaels.

Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. This version is adorable too!! I LOVE that fun paper you used and the addition of the heart on one of the penguins. Wonderful design.

  2. Well these are just adorable and your nieces are going to love them!!

  3. I *know* Aunty Kim received a whole lot of hugs (interspersed with giggles...) when you delivered these to your nieces! Talk about phenomenally cute! Girly perfect!


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