Sunday, February 14, 2016

S'more Love for the Boys

I have two sons; they are 16 and 20. They have very little interest in valentines from their mom (although they don't turn down chocolate!)  So I pay close attention to new stamp releases, looking for something that is fun for me, but not sappy for them. This year, the set S'more Love from Reverse Confetti, along with their Clear Totes - and fabulous inspiration from Amy Sheffer - solved all of my problems.

Here are my s'more totes for my guys!  (And...although I need to run off to church, if you come back later today, I'll have pink, sparkly versions for my little nieces!!)

Smore Love Both

I wanted to use both little penguins and two of the sentiments.  (One die includes the insert for the bag, the long tag and the two tag toppers.)

Smore Love 1
Smore Love 2

The insert die for the bag cuts the scalloped edge and then it has two perforations to fold around to the back. I cut the basic piece out of a scrap of denim paper.  Then I wanted a base for my s'mores supplies, so I cut another piece out of a heavier cardstock, trimmed off the scalloped edge and adhered it like this.

Smore Love Base

I wanted a background like Amy's inspiration bag - so I cut another piece out of the subtle heart pattern.  I did use the entire die to cut the piece which gives me the perforation lines but my s'more supplies covered them up. You could also just cut the scalloped top and the use your papercutter to finish cutting the edges thus avoiding the perforations.

Smore Love Back

I'm off to church. Then I'll be back to do some glittery, girly bags!!



  1. This is amazing!! I LOVE the whole idea from using it as a clever Valentine Gift to the way you colored the little critters. Amazing project!!

  2. This is fabulous, Kim!! LOVE it and sure they will too!!

  3. So perfect for the boys, who doesn't love a smore set.

  4. So glad this idea worked for you, Kim! Love the denim and your awesome coloring!

  5. Oh. my. gosh! Perfect gifts for your sons and I highly suspect that they dropped their 'being guys' mantle to smile brightly when they received these! Nothing sappy whatsoever...just 100% sweetness! Those penguins are fantastic!


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