Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Freshly Made Sketches: Birthday Flowers

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Amy.

My card came about because of a Stampin' Up order that came in the mail on the day that I was making this card.  You all are going to relate to this.
  • I bought a snowflake set from the Stampin' Up holiday catalog even though I have virtually every other snowflake set that they have ever made.  But this one was...different.  I'm not sure how it was different, but that's my story.
  • The set required a punch for the smaller snowflakes and a punch for the bigger. I got the smaller punch, but surely I could live without the bigger one, right?
  • Maybe I can't live without the big one - how can I justify it?
  • Hey!  It's also a flower and it fits with a flower from the $40 set called Crazy About You. So I could buy the $40 set and the $18 punch and justify it all!!
  • Happy day!!  Guess which set is $10 off on the weekly sales - Crazy About You!!  It's meant to be.
I can justify anything!!

It's never-ending. I bought the snowflakes, so I needed the punch, so I needed the stamp set - but the stamp set has coordinating word dies and I did not get them. Two points for me. So the "happy" on my card is not Stampin' Up.

FMS Birthday Flower

Have fun with this sketch!  I like those two crossed patterns - it adds such a fun and unique look!


These are scraps of Stampin' Up patterned paper - already retired. The butterfly body is plain rhinestones colored with Copics.


  1. I totally understand your rationale, Kim ;) Fabulous card - so bright and cheerful.

  2. I like how you think! I can relate! Beautiful colors.....pretty card!

  3. It's a never ending cycle with the stamping purchase justification process. I can so relate! I love the happy, Spring colors on this card and I love how you've used the sketch.

  4. That's your story and you're sticking to it LOL!! In the end it was all worth it, such a pretty card!!

  5. If you give a stamper a snowflake..... You end up with a gorgeous flower card! Such a happy card. Love the colors!

  6. Oh KIM,


    I can TOTALLY relate - I've done this so many times. I have more supplies than I will ever use, but can't resist that "one thing more". BUT, this said, I sometimes pull on an item I purchased a year before and hardly ever use... Think of it like a "tool" in the toolbox (use this one on your husband when you justify" - you never know when you need that EXACT tool to get the job done.

    this said, your card is fabulous!!!

  7. Beautiful card Kim! I love that flower! The colours are fabulous! I love your justification for buying the punches! You made me giggle!!!

  8. It's inevitable that all the supplies that are companions to the other supplies you want will miraculously end up in your shopping cart - no human intervention required! But you get extra bonus points because you got $10 off! It's nice to see a flower and a butterfly at this time of year! Your card is a colorful reminder that spring is on its way!

  9. Yes indeed, I like the way your mind works! Amazing the things I've 'justified' *grin* So glad you made these 'executive decisions', because the result is one gorgeous card. The butterfly...swooning! (Plus, you have that $10 savings to buy something else...)

  10. Sounds like pure logic to me, lol! And you showed restraint by not getting the word dies! Well done you!! Now. About this card. It's gorgeous. I LOVE the colors you've used for this. And that bloom is so perfect for the sketch all dressed in its coral color. Love that 'happy' die, and the 'birthday' is a great compliment to it, too. Wonderful card, right down to the criss-crossed papers and sweet butterfly! Awesome! Bev

  11. Stunning card Kim! Perfect combination of DSP, color and elements. Ahh, the Stampin' Up need to have list - boy I have been there. :)

  12. lol It is pretty easy to justify things sometimes huh? ;) This is a lovely card. I love the colors and that pretty flower.

  13. This is such a pretty card with pretty colours Kim!


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