Thursday, October 23, 2014

Curvy Keepsake Pumpkins

For those of you that already have or have been stalking the Stampin' Up Curvy Keepsake Thinlit - there's nothing new in this post. I am just doing some jack-o-lanterns and I've included a few links.  I am most definitely not a 3-D crafter.  I do just fine on a flat card-sized canvas - but the cute fancy folds or boxes are out of my comfort zone.  However, the Curvy Keepsake Thinlit just kept calling my name.  I saw these two-toned pumpkins, an apple for school,  a caramel applea pumpkin and gourd and then the Christmas projects started to show up like this lovely Cherry and Gold box.  If you have younger people to craft for, a quick Pinterest search on "Curvy Keepsake Thinlit" will show you owls, turkeys, bats, pigs, Santa, a Santa robin, reindeer, snowmen, babies, witches, black cats, cows, footballs, birdhouses and even Angry Birds. It's really quite amazing.

Stampin' Up has a short video on making the box - here it is on YouTube.  It's really quite self-explanatory but I love the tip on using a bone folder to get the curve.  I wish I would have seen it before I made my little pumpkins - I might not have gotten the crease in the cardstock that you can see on the face!

I wanted to make tiny little treat boxes for my nieces for Halloween - nothing scary - just cute, so for my first Curvy Keepsake attempt, I did simple little pumpkins.  This is officially the cutest thing that I have ever done!!!

Little Pumpkins

I got the gummy candy at Fuzziwig's Candy Factory.  I had seen them in Breckenridge, Colorado, but while I was wandering the Castle Rock Outlet mall yesterday, they are there too. I looked them up and they are nationwide.  I thought this gummy candy corn is a nice change (and quite attractive) for Halloween treats.  I hadn't made any of these gift boxes before and I got quite a large bag of the candy - turns out that only six fit in the box.  Oh well, more for me!

This is my first post in awhile that hasn't been required for a design team.  I am always busy a few weeks in the fall.  Guess what I do multiple hours each a day?  Knit slippers...

Finished Slippers

I have created slipper monsters in my family.  My husband needs a new pair every single year (his are upper left).  He wears them every day, all day, and he does tend to scuff his feet so he wears them out.  My oldest didn't need a new pair this year, but my youngest absolutely had to have them because he's in a new school with new school colors (he picked the funky stripes)!  I finally did a new pair for myself this year.  They are actually still wet in this picture - when they dry they will be a nice heathered lavender.

They are fairly bizarre to make.  They are huge when they are knitted.

Unfelted Slipper

You have to use plain wool (I think other natural fibers also work), then you wash them in very hot water. They felt and shrink to your preferred size! (This is the pattern that I have used for years.)

So I'm done for this year...yay!!  Now I can head back to my preferred hobby of cardmaking!
  • Stamps: Stampin' Up Woodgrain Background, Wonderfall (leaves), Fall Fest (face)
  • Paper: Stampin' Up Pumpkin, Olive and Curry
  • Ink: Stampin' Up Pumpkin, Olive and Curry, Black
  • Accessories: Stampin' Up Curvy Keepsake Thinlit die and the die for Wonderfall, misc ribbon and thick twine


  1. Those are cute, Kim! Almost makes me want to order that die, because I love to make little treat boxes like that for some of the kiddos at church.

  2. Oh, and do you want my slipper size??? LOL

  3. Love your little pumpkins!

    And those slippers are awesome! You are just extra super talented! :)

  4. Awww....these little pumpkin treat holders are ADORABLE!

  5. Your pumpkin treat holders are ADORABLE, Kim!!! And great find on the sweets too! Super cute!!!! Love your felted slippers too! They look so cozy!!!

  6. Super cute pumpkins...and LOVE the slippers!!!

  7. Oh, I wish I could sit and watch you knit these slippers, ha, ha, they look absolutely comfy, and such a great way to keep socks in a good condition and your feet warm!
    Love your pumpkins!! Sooooo darn cute!
    And the candy (never heard of those before! ) look like they are the perfect match to fill up the orange cuties you made.
    The children will love them for sure!
    Looks like you've been very busy!


  8. Ps. I like your photo on facebook! I'm not connected on facebook, never have and I'm not sure if I ever will, but your pic is great. :-)

  9. Okay now you've done it...I'm in serious NEED of this die LOL!!! Your did a great job Kim, crease or not I LOVE these!! Fun slippers too ;)

  10. Love the curvy pumpkins Kim and as for the slippers...this girl could use a pair too.

  11. Yes, these are incredibly adorable; I've been staring at them for several minutes, big goofy smile on my face. I'm curious as to their size; either they're rather small or those fabulous candy corn gummies are rather large. Either way, your nieces are going to adore these (and now I want to go to the candy store you mentioned). Hmmm...two candy stores are in Banff; may have to go on a road trip this gloomy, rainy day to scope out what they have on the shelves. Your slippers: love 'em! I've picked up my needles once again, to make a cowl. Simple pattern of 35 stitches of alternating a knit row and a purl row. Just my speed. Back to gaze at those little pumpkins yet again...

  12. Super cute! Love the smiles on their 'faces'! And ... I love the little leaf embellishments! Hugs xxx


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