Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catered Crop: Sweet Home

There's a new challenge up at Catered Crop - Sweet Home.  Linda describes the challenge as follows:

Our challenge for the next couple of weeks is about house and home. Include a house of any kind (dog house, bird, house, trailer). This is a great opportunity to create a card “from our house to yours,” welcome someone into their new home, announce your move, or thank a host. OR – in honor of our remodeling project – create a project about the things you do to make your house a home – like gardening and home improvements.

There's a lot of room to play with this challenge. For me, it came at a perfect time because I need a new home card.  I don't seem to need new home cards very often. I've been in my home for 24 years and my friends seem blessed to be just as settled. I do have long-time church friends finishing up an extensive remodeling project on their retirement home on a lake in the Carolinas.  Next week is a going away lunch, so I created a little birdhouse card for them using some of my favorite dies.

So Happy For You

The bird, birdhouse and leaf sprig are a die set from WPlus9 called Folk Art Florals - I love all of the details.  The background layers come from a new-to-me set from Mama Elephant called Femme Frames - I love the sweet layers and this will likely become a classic for me too.

I only have one inside sentiment that I use for new home cards - it's from Impression Obsession.

From the moment
you move
then ever after,
May your new home
be filled with
love and laughter.

The other reason that a sweet home challenge was appropriate for me was that I spent six hours on Mother's Day organizing my craft corner and it is sweet!!  Yes, I still have 1970s wood paneling in my family room. I have spent years apologizing for it, but the simple fact is - I like the warm feeling of it! I would like to replace the big, ugly, ancient table, but every time I bring it up, my husband quite accurately points out that it is usually completely covered and no one can see how ugly it is anyway!

001 ed

This may not look like much, but when you only have a corner, efficiency is the key.  See the door to the right?  That goes to the laundry room/bathroom, but there's also a large closet that is full of supplies too.  The key is to keep the things out that I use often, and tuck away those things that I don't. That's what took six hours.

The floor under my desk and the table had become totally cluttered with boxes of sequins, and stencil supplies, and a big crate of 6x6 paper pads.  Since I use those often, they got permanent homes, while things like rhinestones and stickles and brads got relegated to the closet (or tossed)  I still haven't figured out what to do with those three ring binders which hold my dies, so for now, they are still on the floor.

002 ed

From left to right...
To the far left of the above picture is a set of Elfa drawers that hold, from top to bottom, buttons, basic supplies, twine, PTI patterned paper, and a drawer of all the miscellaneous embellishments that I couldn't stand to get rid of.  None of these are my most-used stuff, because it's a little awkward to get to with that over-size TV tray in the way.  I actually make my cards on that tray because it faces the television.  On top is my photo station - a little handmade light box.

005 ed

On my desk is all of my cardstock.  Stampin' Up and PTI is in rainbow right in front of me. To the left and below the cardstock are boxes of inks - I keep them in clear shoe drawers from the Container Store. The light is an Ott light - it faces away like that when I am taking pictures or I just swing it around for my light on my project.  My favorite part of the whole clean-up is that little vanity tray in front of the light.  I am so tired of losing stuff in the piles of supplies that I pull out for each card (I'm a trial-and-error gal so about a dozen different colors, dies, stamps, buttons, twines, etc come out for each card!) - then things get lost in the pile, especially dies and small clear stamps.  So...into the tray these small things go - simple solution to a big problem!  My paper is in Project-View Folders which are open on two sides so easy to store and use paper and scraps.

007 ed

On the right side of the desk are these cubes from Michaels. They used to hold all of the retired Stampin' Up cardstock - and I mean all of it.  Can you say Mint Melody and Mauve Mist? But keeping it there left me no room for My Favorite Things and Simon Says cardstock - so except for a few of my favorites, the retired Stampin' Up is now under my desk in a rolling bin.  On top of the cubes are the sequins and stencils that had been on the floor.

003 ed

I do maintain four entire sets of cardstock (and there are others that I want but even my obsessiveness has limits!)  To keep track of the colors, I keep swatch rings.  These come in really handy in this small space because I don't have to get out full packages of cardstock when I am trying to match.

011 ed

Next is a small set of Elfa drawers that hold Cuttlebug folders and big dies.  On top is my Copic collection in a Quickutz storage system that, sadly, isn't made anymore.

009 ed

My craft corner is like a little world of its own.  If I swing all the way around so I am facing away from my desk, there is another set of drawers. There is just enough room between my desk and the drawers for a  "hallway" to the bathroom, so it's easy to swing around in my desk chair and grab what I need.  On top are ribbons and my Big Shot. The drawers hold my stamps sorted by theme and/or company, and a few punches that I use often.  One of the big things that I did is pull out all of the wood stamps (except for Stampin' Up). I just don't use them.  I am following a principle stated by Susan on her Simplicity blog - pack it away and if you haven't thought about it six months later, it's probably time to get rid of it.

004 ed

I am not  going to show you the closet in the laundry room.  It got cleaned up and sorted just like my craft corner, but even I am a little overwhelmed by all of the stuff that I have!

I love my craft corner!
  • Stamps: WPlus9 Strictly Sentiments 2
  • Paper: Simon Says Stamp Khaki, My Favorite Things Berrylicious and Sour Apple, Stampin' Up Crisp Cantaloupe CS and dsp
  • Ink: Papertrey Ink Classic Kraft
  • Accessories: WPlus9 Folk Art Florals die, Mama Elephant Femme Frame die


  1. gorgeous card! looove how you popped up those die cuts. and LOVE your space. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Darling card and how fun to see the space where the magic happens :) Is your light box made from foam board and assume that is an Ott light you use?

  3. SWEET card Kim! I just got the ME frame dies and love them!! Thanks for sharing your creative space with us. I LOVE knowing where others create!!

  4. I'm "wowed' by every detail in your post, Kim! Your card is thoughtful, charming and ever so pretty! Your friends will delight in this immensely, as have I! Your craft space: I'm green with envy! You've made incredible use of your 'corner' in a way that looks functional and fun! Oh, to have such a space! I have but a corner of the kitchen counter (seriously - 2' X 3') for crafting, and a bookshelf next to the table to store my stuff. I'm not able to leave anything out, so the putting away-taking out is a disruption to my precious crafting time *grin*. One of these days, I'll have more room (as in an ACTUAL room...),I hope. Your six hours of organizing was productive, and I imagine you found all kinds of little 'somethings' that need some extra attention and love. Awesome post (I'm eyeing that ME die...) Thank you!!

  5. Ahhhh nothing like a little spring cleaning in the craft room to feed the soul!!! And I for one love the wood paneling - I agree, it's cozy! And your card - sweet as can be and perfect for the challenge!

  6. Kim your card is so delightful and your photography always amazes me! Thank you so much for sharing your crafty space with us, I love to see how other's create. Also it helps with mew ideas too!

  7. awesome card! love this peek into your space!

  8. That is the sweetest card. I love the frames and the colors you used. It's great seeing other people's craft space. I need to spend some time on mine.

  9. First, that card is beautiful. I love each detail. I also LOVE that Mama Elephant set. I have this and it is fabulous!!

    Second, your craft room ROCKS!!! I love to see the different storage ideas of other crafters. I also love your swatch rings. I so need to do something like this. I am glad that you had a great Mother's Day. Have a nice night!!

  10. Your card is as sweet as can be! Love seeing your craft space! It is such fun seeing how people organize and work. Keeping craft supplies in check is no easy job!

  11. Wow, Looks like you've spend your time in an effective way! Love your creative space! I still have to clean up my tiny room, and yes, I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed too by all the stuff that I keep/ have.
    And you shouldn't apologize for your home or how you like to decorate it! It's where you feel comfortable and at home so if people can't appreciate that fact, than that says a lot about these people instead.
    ( you get my point even if my Dunglish gets in the way, ha, ha)
    And you don't have an ugly ancient table, they call it 'retro' or 'vintage', ha, ha.
    You know, it doesn't matter, as long as you can keep creative it'll do just fine! ( and you don't have to be too careful to spoil ink or glitter on the tabletop this way, you can wipe it clean and voila, ready to go!)
    Ha, ha, I almost forget to compliment you on your GREAT card!!! Absolutely love the feel of it, and such a lovely sentiment you used, love the fond too. ( reminds me a bit of Art Deco...I like that!)
    Thanks for sharing the sentiment you always put on the inside of these kind of cards. Very thoughtful and sweet.
    They'll surely appreciate your wonderful card.
    And the colorcombo is soft, adds to the warm feeling of the card.
    Thanks for sharing your home and creative space! Everytime you show us your great artwork, we can imagine you sitting behind your retro table, totally enjoying yourself while you're playing and trying things out!


    ps. You've got a great husband and ha, ha, mine would probably say the same thing, must be a guy's thing, to be practical in the first place, ha, ha. :-)

  12. Thanks for sharing your craft room corner with us. Its fun to see all the different set ups. I agree with your DH you will never see the table,save the money and buy more paper :) Love your crafting corner!
    Oh, ya you made an adorable card too! Love the little birdhouse. Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day .

  13. Yay! I'm glad the challenge fit a need. Your card is freaky cute. Your friend will love it. And, girl, I love that wood paneling. My folks had it in their dining room and I think it's the coolest thing ever. That said, I think they will trend back in. So just hang on. xxoo

  14. Your card is adorable, Love the sweet bird house and happy colors. Your craft room looks so organized :)

  15. Your card is so cute! You might be seeing a case of it on my blog...

    Great craft space...very organized! I enjoy seeing where everyone works.


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