Friday, May 23, 2014

An Ode to Green and Yellow Popsicles

Oh green and yellow popsicles...thank you from the bottom of my heart!  May I never again pass you by in favor of orange and grape!!

Of course, you are asking why.

At the risk of giving away my advanced age - there is a certain unpleasant medical test that often happens after a certain unpleasant age.  I had this unpleasant test yesterday afternoon. (I had to have it based on an abnormal screening result - but all is well - praise God!!).  As it turns out, the test itself is no problem. Of course, with the help of great drugs, I slept through it.  But...what they don't tell how truly awful the day before the test is.  First, a liquid diet starting the morning before which meant no solid food for almost two days...seriously!!??  Then don't even get me started on the true horror of the Gavilyte-C that you drink by the gallon the night before.

Two things got me through it.  First - flavor-infused broth, specifically Swanson's Thai Ginger.  It is so spicy that I felt satisfied.  Second - and most importantly - green and yellow popsicles.  That crunch of biting into a popsicle when you've only been able to drink everything else, is the ultimate in satisfaction and relief. Popsicles do not count as solid food, but the test also requires that you don't anything red, purple, blue or orange. and yellow popsicles to the rescue!!!  (I used root beer popsicles too but I didn't think a dark brown popsicle would look quite right on this card!)

Oh green and yellow do melt my heart!

Melt My Heart
These are really fun new popsicles from Reverse Confetti.  Here's a close-up...

Warm My Heart Close

If you look closely at the green popsicle, it has a polka dot background that comes with the Let's Chill stamp set (along with the sentiment).  I added stripes to the yellow popsicle using the So Stripey set.

I used the current Sweet Sunday Sketch.

And now I'm off to find myself a big breakfast!!
  • Stamps: Reverse Confetti Let's Chill, So Stripey
  • Paper: Crate Paper The Pier (FYI - only 1 piece of the popsicle paper comes in the 6x6 pad, so I've already ordered more of this charming pattern here), Simon Says Khaki, Stampin' Up Pistachio, Papertrey Harvest Gold and Vintage Cream
  • Ink: Simon Says Stamp Khaki, Stampin' Up Pistachio, Papertrey Harvest Gold, Versamark
  • Accessories: Reverse Confetti Let's Chill Confetti Cuts, Lil' Inkers Stitched Rectangles, square punch (to cut the banner ends), Ellen Hutson Iridescent Vanilla sequins, Hemptique 10-lb white twine


  1. Love the sparkly popsicles and so glad the test is over with and results were good. Cheers to green and yellow :)

  2. OMGosh, Kim you are too funny! I'll keep green and yellow popsicles in mind should the need arise in the future!

    And this card is DARLING! Your seriously make me question why I didn't buy this stamp set last month?

  3. Oh poor you! And No, I'm sorry I haven't got the faintest clue what kind of test you had, but then again I live all the way in the Netherlands. Maybe we also have those tests, but I don't dread any tests yet. :-)
    But 2 days on liquid food only!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your Big breakfast!
    Love your card! My 2 nieces from the USA first told me the difference between icecream and a popsicle only 4 years ago, before that I didn't know the difference and to be honest, never even heard of popsicles before!
    But my whole family LOVES icecream, so when I told my to 2 nieces that I would buy them an icecream they were sooooo dissapointed when I gave them a popsicle. And Yes, I'll never make that mistake again, ha, ha, I had to make up for my HUGE mistake and they got their very favourite icecream the rest of their stay in the Netherlands, ha, ha.
    Sweet memories!
    Love your card! And your story.
    Bye and take care,


    ps. Hope you'll feel better soon!

  4. Glad to hear that you received good results from your test. Having been through the test you are talking about...I sure can relate to your whole post.
    Cute card and I will remember those popsicles for next time...

  5. Glad everything is good Kim! CUTE card, I like the sparkly popsicles!

  6. Thai ginger broth? Never heard of it but hope I find some before I need the test (Again. I'm much older than you). And I never heard of the color restrictions or Gavilyte-C. They must do things differently in CO. :)

    Anyway, I'd choose green and yellow popsicles, test or not, because I don't like the other flavors. Yours are especially appealing, and that you have popsicle background paper makes the card even better.

  7. This card is so cute! Ugh that test is just soooo horrible Doctors need to come up with a better way!!!!!!!
    Great tip on the broth! I hope the next 5 years goes by really slow!

  8. Fabulous...and the prep for that sucks. I'm a retired RN and if a patient was in the hospital pre test...we had to "prep" the patient. It's cruel beyond words!!!

  9. My mom had the same 'dreaded test' a couple weeks back and her impression of the 'prep' echoes yours. Even talking about the vile GC made her quiver! Great to hear your received good results! Your card, in homage to the green and orange popsicles = brilliant!


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