Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fixing the missing bloglovin' folks!!

This is my second post today.

If you chose bloglovin' as your blog reader and then transferred your blog lists from Google Reader, there were two (that we know of) great blogs that bloglovin' could not find.  You may have "lost" these blogs and don't even know it.
Always Playing with Paper - the talented Lesley Croghan and the home of Merry Monday
GIBMISS - the wonderful Sylvie who takes all of her pictures using her Gibraltar ocean view in the background!
Bloglovin' readers need to add these blogs manually.  Pop over to each of these blogs and see what you have missed.  Then copy their blog address, bring up your bloglovin' account, paste them into the blog search box and click FOLLOW.  They will be back in your list so you can read all of their future posts!!


I am hoping you can pass the above info along in your posts too.  These ladies can't notify their bloglovin' readers that they are no longer lost - - - because bloglovin' readers don't currently get their posts - - oops!  So I would like to help them out and spread the word to get them back into people's bloglovin' lists.



nice your post xD

Gibmiss said...

Hi Kim
You are a Star...... Thanks again.....
Hugs Sylviexxx
Hope can i repay you .xxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Thank you so much Kim, you are such a sweet friend.