Monday, April 29, 2013

A Bird Brain Anniversary

Hallelujah!  I turned in my final Marketing paper last night.  This has been a very, very tough class.  It seemed no matter how hard I worked, the professor did not quite like what I did.  Sadly, new classes start right away today.  But I have already decided that since the marketing class almost destroyed my desire for a second college degree, I am only taking a half load this time so I can relax a little and find my enthusiasm again (and make cards more than a couple of times a week!)

Thank you to all of you who helped with my marketing survey - it's amazing how many people across the country absolutely agreed on the pros and cons of shopping at Michaels.  And thank you to all of you who have continued to leave comments on my rare posts even though I'm not making it over to your blogs.  I am definitely reading everybody's blogs - it's been my mid-day sanity break - but I just haven't found the time to comment.

I'm so glad that the pressure is off for now - because it's release week at The Alley Way Stamps.  Check out their blog - the last few days have had previews of everything from a Yeti to delicate doilies!

Today is just as fun.  The moment that I got these stamps, I knew what I was going to do.

I've been married for quite awhile.  And at some point in the marriage, with never-ending life changes, unemployment and too much employment, teenage boys behaving like teenage boys and now college courses - you start to realize that you have spent most of the marriage looking just like this...wide-eyed, shell-shocked and more than a little frazzled!

Love Birds

Guess what?  If you head over to The Alley Way Stamps blog - you have a chance to win this set!

Tomorrow is the full blog hop with fun prizes and sneak peeks of all the sets - so be sure to come back.  (Now I have to go decide whether I am in a Yeti mood or a doily mood for my blog hop card...hmmm?)
  • Stamps: The Alley Way Stamps Bird Brain (released May 1)
  • Paper: Simple Stories Urban Traveler 6x6
  • Ink: Memento black and Copics
  • Accessories: Maya Road Wood Twigs, L'il Inkers Stitched Mat Rectangles


  1. This is hilarious Kim, love the "frazzled" look on their faces. Hope you do well on your paper.

  2. Ha, ha, I can sooo much relate to these birds, sitting like that!!!
    With a marriage of 19 years and 2 teenage kids ( a boy and girl)and doing a study English, ha, ha, it all sounds sooo familiar to me.
    Great humour, love it!
    And I'm happy for you that you finished college so far!!
    Great job!
    Good luck on your new term.
    bye from the Netherlands,


  3. Fingers crossed that your mean old professor will be kind on your paper Kim! This card and your description behind it gave me quite the giggle, very cute!!

  4. Congrats on completing your paper! Hopefully the prof will recognize the authenticity of your research; perhaps the Michaels people may benefit as well -they may be a most receptive audience. Glad to hear you've decided to lighten the academic load a bit; balancing work and play is soooo important! Your card and post here are absolutely wonderful! While I'm still a relative 'newly-wed' (even though I'm over 50!), and have no children, the look on the birds' faces reflects many of 'our' days! Some wonder, some bewilderment and a whole bunch of 'love birds.' Lots of fun here! Looking forward to seeing what you share on the hop. Enjoy your Monday! I'm attending an online card class beginning today -His and Hers - excited!!

  5. Super cute image, love their expressions! Congrats on completing your Marketing class!

  6. Congrats on finishing your paper! So exciting and I am sure it is amazing. I am in love with your card...those birds are just the cutest ever.

  7. Kim I hope you do well on your well and honestly researched paper! Love your description of life's changing events. Adorable card, I love those birds, so cute.

  8. Super cute card Kim, the love birds are adorable.

  9. Hooray for you! I can TOTALLY relate to classes killing your educational excitement. I can still remember them ...but thankfully now I can happily remember that I am done with them and accomplished something that seemed impossible. I totally loved your card when I saw it on the TAWS blog, but I love it even more after your explanation. Cracked me up. We've only been married 7 1/2 years and just have a toddler, but I feel like these wide-eyed birds would fit us, too!

  10. Love your frazzled birds Kim, great fun. Xx

  11. Yay ... class done ... good luck on the paper and the next stage! Love your cute frazzled birds ... I regularly look in the mirror and see one (or both!) looking back at me! Anita :)

  12. Kim I thought I had commented this morning. Congrats on finishing your marketing paper and with such really research you are sure to get a good grade. Your card is so adorable, I love the birds and your banter about changes in life--so true!

  13. I love their wide-eyed look but with your story behind them I have to agree... Most parents o through life like this!!!
    Cute anniversary card :0)
    Congrats on completing your course.
    Jenny x

  14. Fun card...and so appropriate for so many of us! Would love to read your marketing paper...are you willing to share?

  15. Congratulations on your accomplishment of making it through the class, Kims, in spite of the nasty professor! I'm glad that you are stepping back to a half-load, LITS, and all!!

    Your card, my darling, is my new favorite!! I so totally hope I win this and, in any event, your card is a winner, and going to be pinned, and put in my faves, and printed and hung ... okay, okay.

  16. CUTE card Kim! Enjoy your well earned break.

  17. Giggle!! You really look like this? Absolutely just the cutest! Hugs xxx


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